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Dec 11, 2018
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I am older and these days get little for exercise, and it would be difficult for me to get exercise equipment. I still don't drive but walk to places, half an hour away or so, and I walk briskly, and that is working for some exercise for me. With concern for an issue to my breathing I am not sure what more I can manage. My main body strength is lower down with my legs and feet. And I found shoes are problematic, as one does not walk right with dependence on them, and there is a jolt with that walk, or run, with continued impact on joints and all the posture. With my spine issues that would not be good too. But without dependence on footwear anymore feet do get much much stronger.

Eating right is very important too. Most people know about having the Standard American Diet even while having an exercise routine, but that is no good for it. Even there "balanced diet" with just less of the items not good for them that is not good, there would need to the better way learned, to not suffer worsening of health in many possible ways. But this workout thread is not the place to discuss that further.
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