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    How do you have your Fries?

    If I did them in anything, it is Ranch dressing.
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    do you buy books?

    I usually get mine on my Kindle. We really downsized a couple of years ago and we don't have room for a lot of books. We also travel a lot. It is much easier to slip my Kindle into my purse and have all the books I want to read with me instead of taking several and wonder where they went...
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    My daughter got a job!

    wonderful news!
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    Pumpkin Everything!

    It is a long ways to fall here and to have been hearing about how now it is fall it is pumpkin time is very annoying to me. I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars and that is about it for me.
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    Where do you shop for technology?

    Either through Apple or Amazon. Depending what it is.
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    If you're completely honest what do you place above God?

    I think I would have to say my depression and anxiety when I have bouts of them. Otherwise I value time I can have for myself. Due to some recent health issues, I am reminded that God is in control and thank him everyday for a continued chance at life.
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    Bible Quiz once a month

    All I can say is it would be worth a try for a few months and the could be evaluated if it would be worth continuing.
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    Christmas gifts to make - ideas needed

    I am into quilting. I have used some of my fabrics to make potholders and coasters in the past. You could make a set and add placemats if you want.
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    Quotes from Martin Luther

    Am enjoying this thread of Lutherisms
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    USA Liberal Panic Absurdity

    I agree with you. Hearing what the Congressman said, he did not say what they attributed to him. He was also my former congressman and I know he does not believe that rape and incest are okay. It gets crazier and crazier out there. Come Lord Jesus.
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    Swimming with fishes?

    I tend to just wade. Love getting my feet wet and feel the warm ocean water wash over them.
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    Do you donate to politicians?

    I did last presidential election. I don't usually. My donations other than at church is to places like LCMS World/Disaster relief and the Comfort Dog ministry.
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    How often do you stop on long road trips?

    When with my husband, every 1 to 1.5 hours as that is what he does. When by myself, about every 2 hours or when my bladder tells me too. We have only had one road trip this year. The rest have been flying due to distance or time limitations.
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    Do your pets sleep soundly?

    My cats sleep like cats, if you go near them, they notice. Now my dog can sleep very soundly and some of the things she does in her sleep is cute.
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    assault weapons ban

    There were more murdered that weekend in Chicago than in the two mass shootings combined. Guess what? Chicago and Illinois have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. How are those working for them?
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