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    I would love to see the Pope confront the Muslims on their failure to show love to the people of the world. A lot of othodox catholics [greek included] have been slaughtered and the Pope says nothing. nor uses his power to influence decision makers to do something about it.
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    Confessional confessions only gain pastoral advantages for corruption.
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    Apologies go a long ways. Correcting the ears that heard the errors helps. Praying for forgiveness helps. But like feathers to the wind, there is often no way to gather them all back up from whence they have flown.
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    What does scripture say is scripture?

    When God cracks open the heart, and all the dark secrets are exposed, the light from His glory will shine through His Words upon the heart, exposing the hypocrisy, lies, bad deeds, and evil intents. It will be so encompassing OT as alive, that those who have focused on the NT for their center...
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    He who eats pork gets inflected with worms. Doesn't matter how devout they were.
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    Count them and see

    It really cemented it when Yeshua prayed "Our Father which art in Heaven..."
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    And with the Palestine slant to everything they say, it undermines Yeshua and His whole family.
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    It is a good question... fair is fair
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    What does scripture say is scripture?

    The next step is to declare that "scripture" is for RCC to determine and will have new additions as it sees as necessary, whether removal or inclusion... right down to verses and words.. homosexual and all its variations... for example.
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    What does scripture say is scripture?

    So..You are saying that scripture was not yet written when it says "scripture" in the bible??
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    Should women be forced to experience pain in childbirth?

    There is a lot about the power of the mind. When I was in labor, every contraction, I felt the Lord's hand on my tummy squeezing the child out, it was a not a painful thing in the same sense as would it have been if I didn't believe God's hand in this. If you are afraid of child birth, it will...
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    The Five solas - are any of them justifiable from the holy scriptures.

    Nothing is ever "alone".. although I understand the need to keep it "narrow" as we all know that the path of faith is narrow.
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    USA Twenty fifth amendment

    Here is an interesting twist.
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    Trump: Our New President

    What amazes me is the lack of discernment on the bigger picture here.
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    Palestine I think it is a disgrace and insult to the faith of the biblical people, Yeshua, and believers in the Bible to promote Palestine like it was God blessed.
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