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  • if i vanish i'll be over at christian forums :D .. seems every day im hair's breath away from being banned lol .- i could make all the problems and persecution go away ... all i have to do is "compromise ",, that ain't going to happen.
    the lutherans and rcc's have ganged up .. even texting one another about things i post.
    ahh well ,that's what you get for not compromising i guess
    :) i wil farwell you again now - the vacation season is over .

    this place hasn't changed, the level of unbelief is astounding and the resistance to plain simple scripture tragic in its quantity . time to shake the dust off . -this is which is growing world wide the church OURSIDE of the building (box) -what god is now doing is based upon his word .it is new wine and it wont be out into the old wineskin of the churh building system . it is new cloth and it wont be sewn into an old garment .

    in end of february- look for the collective documentary ( the last reformation- Movie) .

    God bless you .Im out of here .
    thanks for the encouragement. its not the reason i believe either. but on the other hand it would be nice if Christian's were, as a whole, smarter and more thoughtful.
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