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  • I did not know there is such a site...

    I am still looking for it...

    I am not much of a gamer...

    Sudoku maybe...

    :stars: Thank you for the offer of assistance. I shall take you up on it if I am of a need. Thank you also for the warm welcome. Have a blessed and happy New Year.
    I have been using Chrome again. I figured out how to fix it after it was hacked. I also have Edge and Firefox. I'm not really into playing arcade games, though. I never am fast enough for them...lol
    Hi. Went to the arcade and clicked on Strike Gold. It set up the flash player but the game did not come on. Just have a big black box to look at...lol
    Sorry I tried but I’m having trouble installing the flash drive for this game.
    Glad you are doing well. I took Suzy for a walk, too. I took a hot bath in himalayan salts this morning and took some tylenol and put some ice on a painful area. It all helped a lot. Thank you!
    Good morning Lamm. I'm doing alright; just dealing with some arthritis pain. I was prescribed aquatherapy but not sure if I will go. How are things with you?
    Thanks, I have been. Still healing up a bit inside, and might have been a bit over-active the last few days, but I reeeeealy wanted to get back to work. Off for the next few days so I can go easy again. I haven't been posting so maybe I'll create some trouble here:cool-relaxed:
    Dave, it's in your settings as I told you in one of the posts I wrote to you to stop notifications.
    Thank you for an UNSUBSCRIBE LINK

    It does not function
    So, you made me 'sign-in' ~just to tell you that

    vBulletin Message
    An invalid threadid or forumid was specified. <<<

    I am able to scrub posts and threads AT-WILL
    in a similar format
    ~so it CAN be accomplished

    If unsubscribe fails
    I will instead BLOCK this site from my emails
    I should probably do that anyway

    yeah a red one lol..ive had it for years. Think its got twenty something gears on it. Do you still ride bike?

    oh and i hope you had a great anniversary! ;)
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