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  • Sorry I tried but I’m having trouble installing the flash drive for this game.
    Glad you are doing well. I took Suzy for a walk, too. I took a hot bath in himalayan salts this morning and took some tylenol and put some ice on a painful area. It all helped a lot. Thank you!
    Good morning Lamm. I'm doing alright; just dealing with some arthritis pain. I was prescribed aquatherapy but not sure if I will go. How are things with you?
    Thanks, I have been. Still healing up a bit inside, and might have been a bit over-active the last few days, but I reeeeealy wanted to get back to work. Off for the next few days so I can go easy again. I haven't been posting so maybe I'll create some trouble here:cool-relaxed:
    Dave, it's in your settings as I told you in one of the posts I wrote to you to stop notifications.
    Thank you for an UNSUBSCRIBE LINK

    It does not function
    So, you made me 'sign-in' ~just to tell you that

    vBulletin Message
    An invalid threadid or forumid was specified. <<<

    I am able to scrub posts and threads AT-WILL
    in a similar format
    ~so it CAN be accomplished

    If unsubscribe fails
    I will instead BLOCK this site from my emails
    I should probably do that anyway

    yeah a red one lol..ive had it for years. Think its got twenty something gears on it. Do you still ride bike?

    oh and i hope you had a great anniversary! ;)
    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fun day. :) I'm not doing much..maybe go for a bike ride and get some exercise.
    not too bad. adjusting to the summer weather and getting a bit of energy from the sunshine. it was quite a long cold winter so nice to be out of it. How about you?
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