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  • Thanks for having me back, i feel lonely and the forum surely helps me.
    I can get so frustrated with myself. I forgot to note my password so I can access the page on my phone. You can merge my profiles to the second on, Forgiven1. I think I like that one better. Thanks Kathy
    Hi and thank you. No I'm not an Agnostic. Please change it to Christian.
    So, once we have 500 messages combined between received and sent, then we can't buy anymore? I do. I didn't see this limit anywhere and so have several times bought more space. Do I need to delete PMs in order to gain space?
    Been wondering about looking for sheep.

    If ever you need me..

    I may not be the first shepherd.
    But I will not be the last.

    Blessings Always
    Several times, I've purchased more PM space.... but it still says I have reached my capacity and can't send or receive PM's. Could someone look into this? Why aren't my several purchases being processed? Thanks! BTW, for reasons unknown to me, the email address you have for me isn't working (I can't access); I'll need to give you a different address.
    IF I COULD, I'd nominate the thread, "Is Jesus the Savior?" for a best of. But I can't. It's mine.... Seems especially appropriate at Holy Week.... May your Easter celebration fill you and yours with faith, love and hope....


    PS I've tried to send PM's (for this too) but in spite of me purchasing more and more space, the program always says I've used up all my space.
    Thanks, I am, actually! I've been using Benadryl in addition to my other meds. I seem to have something called " severe sleep apnea," which means that I stop breathing 69 times a night. My lung doctor said that those were the results of the home sleep study. Now, he wants me to go to a clinic for a more thorough sleep study.
    Pretty good so far I think. It's a lot of walking so I'm getting out and getting exercise..and I'm meeting new people which is kinda cool. :) how was your weekend?
    Thank-you for asking - I went on another pilgrimage to St. Herman's Monastery in Plotina, CA to see the Abbot there, and then to my daughter's marriage 4 hours south of there... A joyful and wonderful and healing time - Took care of some important things both family and Church... Shared driving with a young man who will be going to the monastery on Spruce Island in Kodiak AK in a little over a month... Prayed a great deal, and have a new family of great sons and their father from Peru - Best and healthiest family I have seen in a long time... Strong, alive, well off... I fear the camel and the eye of the needle for them, but am honored to call them all sons - We became great friends...


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