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  • I did try to leave (a while back) when a newbie at GE asked if she could intercede
    between myself and another friend of over ten years, because that friend has a son that
    has Jewish connections and she could not watch or ignore the (conspiracy) videos I posted

    and upon trying to UNDERSTAND the 'problem' asked to see those videos
    LOL and after seeing them she too reported them and I got a 'warning' and told not to contact her again
    When my physical stress became less volatile, I returned to see her TRYING to re-ignite a friendship
    Back stabbers huh ?

    For a Christian Forums....
    it comes to something when an Atheist posts "You are for it now, I've reported you"
    next day, he was posting in GE, something he hadn't done since the last blow-up and clean up in GE
    It really isn't such a big deal for-me_

    How are you doing ?

    I once watched one of their videos (in a camping trailer (RV)) so-funny :thumbsup:

    Glad to find you are here... I have hopes of bringing a few regulars from GE50+ over here
    I joined years ago, but Mary's illness and the long wait for my 2nd left hernia repair, meant
    that I spent my available free time in CF (GE50+) and a new account at Facebook

    I asked 'our sister' Tansy to set everyone 'wise'
    and, to do so, without taking sides (getting-involved) which she did admirably

    limited to 1000 characters
    Hi to everyone

    It should by now, be common knowledge, that, after more than ten years at (the > other-place <) 'CF'
    I have gone and gotten myself banned (as a Lifetime Supporter)

    "You have been BANNED for Anti-Semitism and Denying the Holocaust" ~HAMMER

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