Here are some thoughts about John 4:1-18 as I studied it today.

Chapter four starts by telling us that Jesus left Judea to go back to Galilee (where he had left in John 2:13) because the Pharisees and religious leaders had heard that Jesus' disciples were baptizing more than John's.

In verse 5 it mentioned the city of Samaria Sychar. While there may be some dispute over where this city is it seems more clear where this well is and that it is both a dug well and was fed by a natural spring underground. This is mentioned in Genesis 48:22. The well that Jacob gave to Joseph and nearby where Joseph was buried many years later when the people of God came into the promise land

In verse 6 we see that Jesus arrives there tired around noon or the sixth hour. He was tired in the sense that he had a physical body that grew weary.

In verse 7,8- Jesus disciples were in town buying food, so Jesus was alone when the Samaritan woman arrives at the well. He requests of her a drink. She thought it strange that since he had no bucket of his own that meant that he would have to drink from her and the Jews and Samaritans did not share vessels. the Jews would not do so from a woman at the risk of being ceremonial unclean.

In verse 9 we see that even though the Jews had the traditions and the laws that didn't make them more compassionate towards their neighbors, but rather it says that they had no dealings with the Samaritans. While Jesus did, the Jews thought themselves better than the Samaritans.

IN verse 10- Jesus contrasts the water that she is drawing with the living water that Jesus can provide. There are numerous references to water like this in Jeremiah 2:13; Psalm 36:9; Isaiah 12:3. Jesus said that in John 7:37 that if anyone thirsts they should come to him to drink freely.

Verse 11,12- The woman questions where Jesus will get this water since he has no bucket to draw with. She is still thinking literally.

verse 13-14- Jesus makes it clear that he is talking about water that will lead to eternal life. Revelations 22:1 "And he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb."

verse 15- a little slow to understand the woman asks Jesus for this water thinking then she doesn't have to come back to this well in the middle of the day to draw water.

verse 16-18 Jesus then goes on to change the subject completely because she needs to acknowledge her sins and he makes her aware that he knows of her five husbands and that the man she now lives with is not her husband for whatever reason. Perhaps having had five husbands nobody would now marry her. She can no longer hide who she is to this stranger. Jesus gives her credit for at least telling the truth vs.17