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    Do you think that marriage is a sin?

    =================================================================================== Fritz Kobus in Post #6 asked: “Is it a sin for a Christian to marry an unbeliever? an athiest? a Hindu? etc.” Well, Paul certainly egged people on to not be unequally yolked...
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    What do you believe is the most popular false doctrine and why?

    =================================================================================== I suggest that Lämmchen is correct in saying (in Post #2): “That Jesus' death didn't forgive our sins is the worst false doctrine there is..” And in Post #3: “I see it all the time on Christian sites where...
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    Bluetooth headphones

    =============================================================================== I don’t like Bluetooth headphones. They bite into my ears. ===============================================================================
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    Dark Theme vs Light Theme

    =============================================================================== Tigger, Post #9: “What else would we expect from a prowling black cat?” Answer: Recognition and praise for agile minds, like Tigger's. (And also for honest handling of Holy Scripture.)...
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    Dark Theme vs Light Theme

    =============================================================================== I like watching Danish detective dramas on TV. They always have dark themes. ===============================================================================
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    In what ways does the Apocrypha point to Jesus as Savior?

    =================================================================================== In Post #262, Pinacled said: “Judith was a deceitful murderer in stark contrast to david who faced the enemy with countless witnesses.” And in Post #267: “Noblility is a direction that judith ignored and turned...
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    Getting your life back!

    =============================================================================== I thought it might be helpful to table a couple of general thoughts. They are not intended to focus on any particular instance where life has seemed to deal someone a bad hand. Nonetheless, the thoughts can trigger...
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    Post your Desktop

    =============================================================================== Sorry. I couldn’t find an envelope big enough. ===============================================================================
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    Does your mental health affect your physical health?

    =============================================================================== In response to my statements in Post #23, Lucian Hodoboc asked in Post #24 “Please elaborate...” I assume the request relates to the first sentence of my post. I will reply accordingly...
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    Getting your life back!

    =============================================================================== Psychological perturbation (if I may use that term) comes in two major forms. (There are also sub forms which I am glossing over for now.) The major forms are: (a) those caused by physical or external factors; (b)...
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    Does your mental health affect your physical health?

    =============================================================================== Since I became aware of the Simple Original Apostolic Gospel some years ago, my perspective on life has remained positive, no matter what life has thrown at me so far. But one has to be careful. You know what they...
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    Halloween Debate Thread

    =============================================================================== Seeing that Halloween, Easter and Christmas were all originally pagan festivals, shouldn’t there be a consistent perspective with respect to all three...
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    Why do you think that Paul’s direct disciple said that Judith is Sacred Scripture?

    =============================================================================== Would pointing out that 1 Clement is not part of the internally consistent Holy Canon of Scripture, be considered inclement? ===============================================================================
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    What position do you think Christians should take on Marijuana?

    =============================================================================== Would it be wrong for a Christian male to marry Juana? ===============================================================================
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    Were there Jewish exorcists in the days of Jesus and his disciples?

    ========================================================================= Were there Jewish exorcists in the days of Jesus and his disciples? ========================================================================= 1. Yes, there were. And their exorcism ritual was effective. (Matthew 12:27...
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