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    Coronavirus and End Time Prophecy

    Many in our country claim that they prophesied about these things few years ago and we people didn't listen. Now what they do is pull the old video of their prophecy and claim it. It is already written in Matthew 24 and these people just make it big that's it.
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    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Just browsing through all the forums i signed up :D
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    Happy Birthday EZWarren

    Happy Birthday, have a blessed year ahead.
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    Favorite Indian Dishes?

    There are so many dishes, i love Biryani with Tandoori Chicken.
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    Favorite Indian Dishes?

    Glad you people so many dishes from India. Proud to be an Indian.
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    Favorite Rice Dishes?

    It would be Mutton Biryani (Indian).
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    How do you like your Popcorn?

    I don't have any preference as i haven't tasted different flavors till now. We just eat the freshly prepared popcorns with no seasoning added.
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    Adding Testimony to my blog

    Thanks George. Will update.
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    Happy Birthday Hotrhymez

    Happy Happy Birthday Hotrhymez
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    Reading the Book of Revelation

    One of the preacher compares Book of Daniel with Revelation to get better idea. Without me reading Revelation i can't talk much now. Let me get started this week.
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    Churches opening

    Churches here are not opened yet and we are all waiting for it. Yes i will be attending Church and want to Praise God for what he has done in this pandemic time.
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    Adding Testimony to my blog

    Thank you both and the CH team. Once i am ready with everything, i will share how one can share their Testimony and where it will be listed.
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    Reading the Book of Revelation

    Wow thank you so much on your inputs, let me first the book entirely and for the second time i will make use of all your inputs.
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    Adding Testimony to my blog

    I run a Christian Blog and i was wondering if i can get the permission of CH team to share the Testimony of fellow CH members in my blog?
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    Prayer Requests for May 2020

    May God hear our Prayers and help us. Pray for the people to repent and seek God in the end times.
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