God had given these dreams from 30 years ago about today

Mar 26, 2021
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I know we can be skeptical concerning dreams, specially after the last 6 months. I have always been skeptical knowing that God is more interested in you as a person overcoming sin in your life through His help than hearing Jesus came back to fight King Kong and godzilla then took us all out in a rapture, yeah sounds funny, but this can be the stuff you hear from repetitive dreamers because they run out of content.
Even though I believe God can speak to us through dreams I don't think most are for public consumption as many can be derived from wanting to see things and our minds and the devil can also accommodate us. The other side of the coin because we are believers and trusting itis hard to believe people are evil enough to make things up to sell to you for view, attention and even money but that is also very real existing out there.

I believe God can give believers insight that shapes them for the future to not only understand what is coming, but what time it is. Time being what God had showed you and is preparing us for has begun. Either warning us or encouraging us in what we are doing.

I attached a video that i made that kicked off me using a youtube channel to share with folks what is going to take place and to know what is coming. Even though I haven't finished sharing all that God has shown me through the years. I thought I would share the video which really was the announcement to the beginning of one is taking place and now is coming. Before the pandemic hit the United States God spoke to me the day of reckoning has come. In that video I share the word I heard and mention two videos of two dreams God gave me 30 years ago that speak to this time which you can find on the same channel.

Anyways here is the video

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