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May 12, 2015
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It is the official position of Christianity Haven that the Nicene Creed is the Statement of Faith that defines what being a Christian is. While many may not not have an issue, there have been some who take to disagreeing not only with our position, but with the Nicene Creed itself. While anyone is welcome to have their own thoughts and opinions, the position of Christianity Haven is the Nicene Cree governs how posting access is granted. Along with the Nicene Creed is the belief and acceptance of the Holy Trinity, in which Non Trinitarianism would also determine how posting access is granted. This post is to directly address questions and at times issues with what the site uses for a Statement of Faith. Therefore to address it, you must be accepting of the Nicene Creed in FULL and the Holy Trinity in order to post in the Christian Only forums, with no exceptions to this.

We are very thankful for the community we have here and how far we have come, and part of our success is ensuring quality discussion is had here, as well as keeping strong in our positions on how the site is defined and ran. In closing, it has been and will continue to be my position that as the Owner, the Nicene Creed is the Statement of Faith as a true, valid and 100% accurate means of defining Christianity as it has served the Church for centuries.​

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