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  1. Romanos

    USA Trump dismisses Acting Attorney General

    Sally Yates refused to defend the Executive order issued by President Trump regarding immigration, and was dismissed by President Trump last night.
  2. Romanos

    USA I have voted!

    Who has voted here?
  3. Romanos

    USA Bernie Sanders and Socialism

    Why do you feel that some feel that Socialism is the way to go with Bernie Sanders?
  4. Romanos

    USA GOP Debate 03/03/16

    Thoughts, comments, concerns? The biggest vibe I heard personally was Romney calling out Trump so many tuned in to watch.
  5. Romanos

    USA Obama's new gun movement
  6. Romanos

    USA Democrate Debate - 12/19/15

    Discuss the Democrat Party Debate. Seems like more people were tearing into Bernie Saunders, and many don't seem confident in his ability to lead. Not to mention I've heard the label of Socialist plastered all over him lately.
  7. Romanos

    USA 2016 Republicans vs. the media
  8. Romanos

    USA Democrat Debate

    For those who watched it, what stood out to you the most?
  9. Romanos

    USA GOP Debate - 08/06/15

    Who do you think did the best, and what was the main issue you wanted brought up, or was brought up?
  10. Romanos

    USA Gun Control

    This seems to be a never ending topic that causes harsh debates and rises the flames to new heights constantly. What do you feel is the best avenue of thought regarding gun control?
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