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  1. tango

    When animals bite..

    A wide variety of bugs. Technically my cat has bitten me a few times but only in the context of playing with him - he's never punctured the skin with his teeth.
  2. tango

    Prison or homelessness

    I guess it would depend on which prison and which area I'd be homeless. I can see a minimum security prison being preferable to, say, sleeping on the streets in the winter in Minnesota. At the same time I can see sleeping on the streets in a more temperate climate being preferable to a maximum...
  3. tango

    Why make your bed....

    Why have a shower when you'll only get dirty again?
  4. tango

    What do you think this monolith is?

    If viewed from 35,000 feet does it spell out "orangemanbad"?
  5. tango

    It's handy, being nothing more than a clump of cells
  6. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    ... and this is what "settled science" looks like, apparently ;) The CDC and WHO don't seem to agree on much about this. The WHO said it was airborne, then the CDC agreed only to retract their statement and say they posted it in error and then put it back a few weeks later. You'd almost be...
  7. tango

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Today's the day the internet installation guy is supposed to turn up at church. He was supposed to come last week but didn't show (and, needless to say, didn't bother to tell anyone he wasn't coming). This time I'm not interested in waiting at the church in the hopes he shows up, so told him to...
  8. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    I found an interesting article written by a couple of professors. Their comments were that masks work in the lab but appear to work much less effectively in the real world. My guess as to why - in a lab you can have a fake head making a simulated cough and comparisons are done with no mask and...
  9. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    Trying not to overrun the medical system was the reasoning behind a two-week lockdown back in April that was presented as a means to "flatten the curve" but turned into more of a means to flatten the economy and make political statements. Like when the Emperor decided to reopen an urban area...
  10. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    Yes, but orangemanbad and that means anything in orangemanland is much worse than elsewhere.
  11. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    Woohoo! Another dose of orangemanbad.... just what we needed. Didn't other nations have similar problems with infection rates? And if I recall there was a lot of question over whether Trump even had the authority to institute nationwide rules. Much like Germany, that has a very similar...
  12. tango

    Pumpkin Pie

    My wife often hangs out in the kitchen with a friend of hers who makes a really good pumpkin pie. I'm not really interested in store-bought pies, they usually aren't worth the money they cost. I just eat the pie as-is, putting extra stuff on the top just detracts from the pie in my opinion.
  13. tango

    Space for graveyards

    It really depends how willing we are to reuse the space. If we regard a graveyard as a place where we bury a body in a designated spot and that spot is then permanently sacred, sooner or later the entire earth will be a giant graveyard because people continue to die and in that model sooner or...
  14. tango

    Without the internet

    Buying albums on a cassette that you had to listen to all the way through, you had to either buy the whole cassette or not buy it at all, and there was no convenient option to skip the tracks you didn't care for the way you could on a CD or MP3 player. Needless to say just about every album had...
  15. tango

    General response to COVID numbers in your area

    That would depend. If the intention is to manage the outbreak while also minimising disruption to our daily lives, maybe they will. But given the way everything shifts to suit the preferred narrative of the day it looks more and more as if the whole thing is about control, in which case I...
  16. tango

    Protectionist smokescreens

    I remember a few years ago there was a big question raised over UK aid to India. Yes, India has a lot of poverty and huge slum areas. But India (at the time at least) also had a space program. A few people were wondering why we were giving them money to feed their hungry people rather than...
  17. tango

    General response to COVID numbers in your area

    What would make a lot more sense would be to learn something from when AIDS first appeared. Back in the days it was seen as a "gay plague" on the basis it was more or less exclusively confined to gay men at the time, initial health advice was little more than to tell gay men not to have sex any...
  18. tango

    Skipping Thanksgiving?

    I'm increasingly struggling to believe that the science backs up much of what we're told about it.
  19. tango

    God's Law - Covid - Your Neighbor

    It's easier to maintain spatial distancing from people, especially in rural areas. If you don't want my germs just stay six feet away from me. It's pretty straightforward - if you get in my face you don't get to complain about me breathing on you. But you're right, people twist Scripture to try...
  20. tango

    The hypocrisy of politicians and lock downs

    I said back in about April that unless lockdowns were total and global, to the point that nothing moved until every single person with the virus had either recovered or died, then cases would start to rise as soon as lockdowns were ended. It seemed like basic common sense. Instead our "flatten...
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