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  1. Bluezone777

    USA Hypothetical:

    My guess would be the winner's VP would be sworn in as president and I suppose that person would then choose someone to be their VP. You have to remember that a presidential election is not the election of one person but two.
  2. Bluezone777

    Question on Hate

    I'd say hate and love are inherently neutral as it is what one hates or love that makes it good or not.
  3. Bluezone777

    Blaming God instead of Satan and Sin?

    Simply put, people do not wish to hold themselves accountable for their actions and will point the finger in any other direction that they can to get out of the repercussions of their actions. It started with Adam and Eve in the garden and it continues on to the present day and beyond. Holding...
  4. Bluezone777

    18-year-old nonbinary high school senior

    I'd say a more accurate sign would read " They wouldn't let me in because I refused to follow the rules I agreed to follow when I started the year at this private school." When you phrase it that way, you see how weak the complain is and how easy it should be to dismiss it. A part of being...
  5. Bluezone777

    so I know this forum is new but what do you like about it

    hundred and fifty dollars is the top prize with second being a hundred and third/fourth prize being 50 dollars. All of the amounts are in USD.
  6. Bluezone777

    What Would You Do?

    People who have authority and lead others don't tend to go up to people and ask if they will submit and obey them. They don't do this because part of effective leadership is trust and that trust must go both ways. People submit to a leader they trust and the leader trusts those in his charge to...
  7. Bluezone777

    What is your view on this story, from a Christian perspective?

    This was a case of offering forgiveness without any evidence of repentance on the one who did wrong. This man did what he thought was right and has not changed him mind hence why he did it again. The only thing this lady did by offering what she thought was forgiveness was giving this man an...
  8. Bluezone777

    Gay people? Yay or Nay

    I half expect he only came here to seek affirmation and to soothe his conscience on the issue as he already knows his behavior is sinful as shown by his description of his actions as being worldly. He already knows his acts are wrong but suppresses this knowledge in his unrighteousness which is...
  9. Bluezone777

    Fill in the blank.

    They just wanted the money and if they can find a way to get it without having to use the word "tax" to do it then they will because taxes has a stigma associated with it while the word fee don't.
  10. Bluezone777

    Have you ever told God that you were angry at Him?

    I don't think that is so much that you need to be angry but rather you need to be honest and if angry is honestly how you feel at the moment then so be it. Without honesty, a relationship of any kind can't go anywhere. If anything, being angry with God isn't the worst condition you can be in as...
  11. Bluezone777

    Is the US headed for a Recession?

    It's not surprising that they are now "solving" problems by redefining words. Once you saw people fit to redefine something as basic as what a woman is, you should have known any and every word will be redefined when current definitions become inconvenient. How long will it be before they start...
  12. Bluezone777

    World Canadian government says Pope's apology not enough

    People should have learned by now that when it comes to apologies, the apology you give will never be enough. I wonder how long it will be until the day comes when people just quit apologizing altogether?
  13. Bluezone777

    Sale of 43 Catholic church properties to settle abuse victims claims

    I think the biggest problem people have with their crimes is not that they did them but that the leadership within that church took concerted efforts to conceal and hide the evil in their midst. It's one thing to have evil men amongst you but when you as an leader think the first thing you...
  14. Bluezone777

    Uvalde Discussion

    The thing about love is that it is not so clear cut as to what is or isn't love. A lot of things that are loving don't come off that way to the person you are doing it to at first but are seen differently later. For example, a parent may insist on their child going to school, doing homework...
  15. Bluezone777

    10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for abortion

    I don't know if anyone noticed this but the entirety of Kiwimac's argument stems entirely from emotions. He doesn't present evidence because that's not the realm from which he argues morality. He sees a morality question and asks which choice makes him feel the best while others here look at the...
  16. Bluezone777

    10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for abortion

    Let's see: a child doesn't lose their life for the crimes(sins) of the father. That's one positive I can list. Then there is that thing about the word "forced" Lots of things are "forced" on people. We have another word for that which is obligation. The quickest way to make short work of your...
  17. Bluezone777

    Why did Jesus say the rich young ruler would be hindered from entering heaven because of his refusal to give alms to the poor?

    He wanted Jesus to tell him what his problem was and asking him to sell everything and give it all away to the poor was the most effective way of exposing his heart condition. In comparison, Abraham when asked to sacrifice his only son doesn't hesitate to do so though he never actually carries...
  18. Bluezone777

    Catholic Eucharistic Miracles

    This reminds me of the Chinese Bamboo story where it takes five years for a Chinese bamboo tree to sprout form the ground but in five weeks after that, it grows 90 feet tall. Les brown does a good job telling that story and what it means. It speaks to needing faith to grow the tree because...
  19. Bluezone777

    Why is Tobit wrong for teaching a works salvation?

    I think there is this idea that God wants your money or even your only son like it was with Abraham but that's not what He really wanted. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son not because he wanted the son but in fact wanted his heart and used this request to give Abraham a chance to hand...
  20. Bluezone777

    Why do people think the Apocrypha is Satanic?

    If you want to know how someone thinks then you ask that person the question of why they think the way they do. Asking anyone else is only going to get you guesses that maybe an educated one but they are still a guess that could be still wrong no matter how educated they are or appear to be. I...
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