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  1. Stravinsk

    Email from an unfamiliar source

    Dodgy Source "X institution" or "X person" when return email address doesn't match Dodgy Links, says one thing url actually goes to another Advertises some service like checking your computer for viruses or selling some other un-asked for product I used to work reception/clerk at a small...
  2. Stravinsk

    Wired or wireless

    keyboard, wireless: Because the amount of energy it uses from the batteries is minimal, and as such those batteries last a long time. When the batteries are low/out - they keys don't work, and it's obvious that I need to change them. mouse, wired. Because I've found I have to change these...
  3. Stravinsk

    Social media networks

    My historic internet use is to generally keep a low profile. Using message boards with under a variety of names to communicate and exchange ideas. Even my first FB account was under a pseudonym. I now have a few different accounts on several social media platforms, which I used to express...
  4. Stravinsk

    Social media networks

  5. Stravinsk

    An online stalker

    Perusing this thread again got me thinking about a couple of short conversations I had working retail at night (service station). Middle aged female comes in after getting fuel while 2 other customers are filling up: another female and a male. While in the store alone with me, she comments...
  6. Stravinsk

    An online stalker

    Oh, I'm watching you, Lamb In seriousness , no, not that I know of. I recently got a friend request from a young female that lists no books read, movies liked or much of anything else. I declined that request, of course.
  7. Stravinsk

    Checking emails

    If I'm expecting one, it could be several times a day. If not, I can neglect to check for as much as a few weeks.
  8. Stravinsk

    Online vs Offline

    I wouldn't say my personality is any different, but I am more reserved/circumspect around certain people or people I don't know well. Your question makes me think of the decades long friendship between me and some people that ended when they required me to get the clot-shot/cancer...
  9. Stravinsk

    AI...Trained to Lie...about Jewish Rabbis

    Recently I went to chatgpt to ask it about the term "Amalek" (Amalekites in the Bible). This term is used by some Jews/Rabbis to describe other certain other peoples/nations, even religions. I wanted to know specifically, if there is literature/recordings of Jews, specifically Rabbis/prominent...
  10. Stravinsk

    Did you expect tech to be better by now?

    I don't believe in the notion that all technology that is the most beneficial and helpful to mankind is promoted to the masses. That is one of the reasons I go down rabbit holes. Not just technology, but in other subjects as well, such as accepted history, for example. Sometimes I find...
  11. Stravinsk

    Don’t nuke plastics

    Last time I microwaved anything, it was water in a ceramic cup for coffee. That was several weeks ago. The only reason I did that was the usual pot I use on the stove top for boiling water was in need of a clean that couldn't be done in 5 minutes easily. Other than that, it's probably been...
  12. Stravinsk

    Bucket Prank

    I agree. It's in the realm of "minor assault" imo, but it still is that, and sadly people will do this to try to get their 15 minutes of fame, which can encourage others to do it, and which should be punished to discourage it.
  13. Stravinsk

    Ad Block Question

    Ahahaha.... YouTube is Sorry for Banning AdBlock
  14. Stravinsk


    Very confident. When I create an account for something, I bring up a separate file to record the information. That file is saved before I actually create the account. The password can be basically anything that I don't need to remember. For example: 45.XEe-tryyytiP&dr*s.?!sym Then it's...
  15. Stravinsk

    Windows 11

    From memory, my last Windows operating system was Windows 7. I quit Windows years ago and use Linux exclusively. I'd never go back.
  16. Stravinsk

    "Nothing is ever lost on the internet"

    Things are lost on the internet. Pages get deleted, not everything is archived. Working links don't work or are re-directed to something else. One of the reasons I got an extra hard drive right around the covid stuff was because I had a feeling there was a lot I was going to be saving...
  17. Stravinsk

    Animated/Non Animated Themes

    I'm not for the present bat theme, which, while cool, is a little distracting and at first I thought there were bugs on my screen! lol. But generally, I'm sort of partial to animations. They make things fun. (Edit: for some reason I can only see my animation while logged in).
  18. Stravinsk


    The way I wash dishes, I don't do any more work than someone who uses a dishwasher, and I save all the money that is used both in water and excess electricity. Dishwasher users: 1 Pay for dishwasher 2. Pay for any maintenance on dishwasher 3. Pay for...
  19. Stravinsk

    Ad Block Question

    On Youtube, you mean? Enough vendors must have finally complained to Youtube that it was easy to use Adblock software to bypass ads, so it seems they've addressed that. I await a work around because I absolutely detest watching ads and I don't want to pay for their absence. At least not...
  20. Stravinsk


    Ha! This reminds me of a minor medical issue I had many years ago. My ear was blocked with the point where I couldn't hear out of it. Went to a doctor, and he flushed it. Afterwords, every day, it hurt, like something inside was injured. Went to another doc, and a swab was taken to...
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