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  1. Lamb

    A Lutheran Roadblock

    Well, they do discuss it, but only because people who don't understand the history behind Luther's comments keep bringing it up.
  2. Lamb

    The only opinion that matters:

    As a baptized child of God, He sees me as He sees His Son, with whom He is well pleased. I don't have to attempt to please God through any works or attitude because I am clothed in Jesus' righteousness.
  3. Lamb

    Filling open positions at church?

    How do you go about filling open positions at your church for things like committees, groups, officers, etc?
  4. Lamb

    A Lutheran Roadblock

    It's kept mum in Lutheran Churches today? We don't preach on Luther. We preach about Christ crucified for the forgiveness of our sins so we can have eternal life.
  5. Lamb

    Biden's annual physical exam

    I agree. This is all just for show.
  6. Lamb

    Idaho Execution

    I don't think that they can legally change the method since the law states by injection. One article I read stated that they complained that the people attempting to get a line weren't experienced, but when my mom had cancer, the experts couldn't get a line in her for her chemo at one point and...
  7. Lamb

    Morning prayer

    I thank Him for the sleep I got, whether it was little or a lot.
  8. Lamb

    Biden's annual physical exam

    I'm with you, he's not getting the full tests that are needed for his position. Something is wrong with the guy.
  9. Lamb

    In your food

    I found a bug in my salad at a very fancy dinner one time. There I was in my evening gown and looked down to see a dead bug. It made me not really want to eat any of the other courses (except dessert LOL).
  10. Lamb

    Pregnant women can’t get divorced

    It's an old law and lawmakers are working to change it. It was set in place to help with custody since after divorce, the laws at the time were more difficult in that state.
  11. Lamb

    A Lutheran Roadblock

    To me it seemed as if Luther had Aspergers since everything to him was either black or white. When people didn't see his way, he felt it harshly enough that he lashed out, because he couldn't understand why others didn't see what was right in front of them.
  12. Lamb


    Welcome to CH! If by the other place you mean CF, then I used to be LilLamb219 over there.
  13. Lamb

    Do you grill outside in the winter?

    Do you grill outside in the winter?
  14. Lamb

    Lämmchen's Workout Thread

    I was able to get to the park to hike today since it got up to 60 degrees. It was hard to get back into it, but worth the effort.
  15. Lamb

    Cantor at your church?

    Do you have a cantor at your church? Is it a male or female and what does he/she sing?
  16. Lamb

    Over 29,000 Palestinians killed....

    Thread is closed for suspicion of antisemitism, which is not allowed here. There will be no tolerance of race hate of any kind on this forum.
  17. Lamb

    Over 29,000 Palestinians killed....

    Well now, this is a big tangent from the OP. How about getting back on track?
  18. Lamb

    For Sale by Owner

    When we moved to the state we live in now, we discovered that the title company did a lot of work. Back in Indiana, they had to be pushed to do anything at all to get the sale done on time. If we had used a realtor here in the state we are now, we might have caught the lie that the homeowners...
  19. Lamb

    A Lutheran Roadblock

    God's Word is God's Word, but man is sinful and none of us have it 100% correct. So, let's get back to why you think the verse you kept repeating is important to the thread?
  20. Lamb

    For Sale by Owner

    We bought all 3 of our homes through by sale by owner. The pros was that not too many people want to go that route and we had less competition. There are many cons, some of which getting experienced advice from a realtor, which we could have used at this last purchase.
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