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  1. Forgiven1

    Texas Proposition

    On November 2, Texans have the opportunity to approve this Prop: "Proposition 3: restrictions on religious services If approved, Proposition 3 would ban the state from prohibiting or limiting religious services, including those in churches and other places of worship. The move stems from...
  2. Forgiven1

    Texas Governor Signs Religious Bills

    Recently, Gov. Abbott of Texas signed two bills. One which protects Pastors performing wedding ceremonies according to their beliefs. Another one preventing government from closing places of worship for any...
  3. Forgiven1

    LCMS Lutherans

    Anyone going to the convention in Tampa?
  4. Forgiven1

    Ask Forgiven1

    Hello It is much easier to answer questions about myself than to try to come up with a bio of me. So ask away.
  5. Forgiven1

    Good Afternoon

    Hello, I am a former member returning. I forgot my login so decided to create a new one. I was on here at the beginning as Forgive. I live in the coastal area of south Texas. Love the winters here after living my whole life in the north. I am a nurse who works with pediatric patients in...
  6. Forgiven1

    Can we start calling things evil?

    Not sure if the is the place to post this so if not, please move. We see so much in the news about people shooting people and most recently the shooting in Charlotte. One of the first things I see is people wondering if the person was mentally ill. Now, anyone who goes off and kills others...
  7. Forgiven1

    Where have you traveled

    I think it would be interesting to see what countries members have traveled. I will go first. Canada Mexico Guatemala Haiti Taiwan Germany Denmark Austria I have done a few mission trips which sent me to Mexico (2), Guatemala and Haiti. Want to go back to Haiti.
  8. Forgiven1

    How many years?

    How long have you and your spouse been married. As I said in another thread, we are coming up on 36 years. There have been many ups and downs, but generally an upward trend. We have recently had a pretty low time, but seem to be getting through it.
  9. Forgiven1

    Cat or Dog?

    It seems like people with like cats more or dogs more. Which are you? I am a cat lover and we currently have 2 Siamese cats who are sisters from the same litter. They are 2.5 years old. Gracie and Ruthie. They give us both lots of entertainment.
  10. Forgiven1

    I have arrived!

    Thanks to Lämmchen, I learned about this forum. Hoping to make this my new home for Christian Discussion Forums. Some of you know me as QuiltAngel in other places. Hello to everyone here.
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