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    For me they are worth it. I am able to get pulse readings, an ECG reading and my oxygen saturation which are all important for me to keep track of being a cardiac patient. It also shows me what I have done as far as working out.
  2. Forgiven1

    Your most expensive online purchase

    Our car. We went through Caravana and had a good experience.
  3. Forgiven1

    No ketchup allowed

    Ranch dressing
  4. Forgiven1

    The tallest building

    Taipei 101
  5. Forgiven1

    Alternative heating source

    Doesn't usually get that cold here. Put on extra layers and extra blankets. Now, in the hot part of the year and we don't have AC, that is a whole different story.
  6. Forgiven1

    To home owners

    Added knobs to the kitchen cupboards.
  7. Forgiven1

    Your first cellphone

    It was a Motorola Bag phone. Was in my 39's when we got it
  8. Forgiven1

    Car wash or do it yourself

    Car wash.
  9. Forgiven1

    The first thing you drink

  10. Forgiven1

    Your first job

    I went down the street and spent the night at an elderly lady's house. This was so someone was there if she needed help during the night. She was nearly blind and heard of hearing. I basically got paid for sleeping. My sister and I split the week.
  11. Forgiven1

    A power outage

    24 hours. A severe thunderstorm knocked down power lines.
  12. Forgiven1

    Closed-captioning on or off

    When the sound quality is bad.
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    More or Less Technology?

    The amount of technology I have is what I have and I don't want any more. I have a few items I rarely use
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    The nearest white object

  15. Forgiven1

    What type of noise

    What I call "boombox cars" Those with their windows open and the volume and bass turned as high as they can go.
  16. Forgiven1

    Your Kitchen Stove

    Currently have an electric one with the glass top and I don't like it. We just haven't gone about getting gas into our house so we can purchase a gas one. I much prefer the gas to electric. When you turn the gas one off, it is off and does not need cool down time.
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    How many stairs does your home have?

    Only one step on the outside.
  18. Forgiven1

    Still with parent's denomination?

    Nope. I was raised Presbyterian. Been Lutheran for a long time now.
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    Tips to save on gas/petrol

    Drive the speed limit, don't speed.
  20. Forgiven1

    Prayers for Uvalde

    We must also pray for the Pastors who are ministering to their flocks at this time as well as the funerals they are conducting.
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