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  1. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    I just need to vent somewhere! I need a new car. My current car is 13 years old and falling apart. It's no longer financially sensible to continue pouring money into repairs, as the car itself is only worth about $1,500 at the most. I have a decent down payment put aside ($1,500) plus my...
  2. NerdGirl123

    When Things Aren't Okay?

    I know this forum isn't overly active, but just browsing the threads, I don't really see anything for married couples who may be struggling or going through a bad time, or considering separation or divorce. Is that topic not permitted, or is everyone here just blissfully happy in their marriage?
  3. NerdGirl123

    Hi everyone!

    I used to be on the ChristianForums site wayyyy back in the day. I'd love to see if any old faces are here. My time was mostly 2012 and prior.
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