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  1. NerdGirl123

    Do you think that marriage is a sin?

    Of course it's not a sin. God created it and blessed it.
  2. NerdGirl123

    Prison or homelessness

    Homeless, absolutely. I'd much rather have the chance to move about and scrounge for food and clothes and necessities, to be challenged to live by my wits and my own strength. Being locked in a cell would be utter torture for me.
  3. NerdGirl123

    Do you shut your phone off

    No, in case there's a family emergency.
  4. NerdGirl123

    A rough childhood

    There can be many. A lack of responsibility, or being willing to take accountability for one's actions. Shying away from emotional vulnerability. Having a volatile temper, or anger issues. Being codependent or overly clingy in relationships. Struggling with addictions or addictive behaviors...
  5. NerdGirl123

    Boys only/girls only schools

    Meh. I can see why it can work, in helping reduce the distraction of trying to flirt with/impress the other sex. But personally, I would have hated it, since I'm a tomboy and I don't relate well to other girls at all.
  6. NerdGirl123

    Body Odor

    This, too. If it's a total stranger, I wouldn't say anything. If it's my son, I tell him his pits reek and he needs to go put on some deodorant :D
  7. NerdGirl123

    Body Odor

    "I think you need to put on some more deodorant."
  8. NerdGirl123

    If you were standing in a grocery line

    Sure, I've done that many times. As long as I'm not pressed for time. It only takes a minute or two to let someone else go first and show some kindness.
  9. NerdGirl123

    How would you react?

    Same as I would any other time. I'd think "Ew, gross" and hope I didn't catch any cooties.
  10. NerdGirl123

    Happy Independence Day (4th of July) my fellow Americans! :)

    The site looks so cute! I love the little hats and animated fireworks!!!
  11. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    Wow, that's a lot of useful information! I'm taking notes here :) Thank you.
  12. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    Thanks for the tips! I may bother you again if I need some advice in this area :D
  13. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    That's awesome! The engine in my current car isn't too bad, though it's starting to have trouble starting in very hot/humid weather (mechanic claimed they could find nothing wrong, but charged me $350 for new spark plugs as a 'suggested repair', that did not solve the problem), and the...
  14. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    Unfortunately, there's a lot more wrong than just the engine/transmission. The total value of the car right now is only about $1000-$1500 so I can't justify spending half of that on repairs, only to have something ELSE fall apart in a month or two. I think I got a bit of a lemon with this car...
  15. NerdGirl123

    Wild Party Animals!

    Tango, that's brilliant, lol. Good for her. I'm someone who LOVES loud things. Loud music, loud movies, thunderous bass. But I am very mindful of people around me. If I were back in an apartment setting, I would not engage in super loud anything, unless it were through headphones. Just common...
  16. NerdGirl123

    USA Aunt Jemima

  17. NerdGirl123

    USA Aunt Jemima

    This is stupidity of the highest degree. I suppose Uncle Ben and the Quaker Oat man will be next. Erase the past so you can mold the mush-brained masses into new beliefs. Maybe I should write a blog about how TRIGGERED I get when I walk past the canned vegetable aisle, because the Green Giant...
  18. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    Let us hope so! I will keep my eyes open :)
  19. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    I did hear about Hertz, and looked at their nearby inventory, but nothing was in my price range. But I'll keep looking. I have no choice!
  20. NerdGirl123

    Buying a car on a low budget - frustrating!!

    I don't qualify for a personal, unsecured loan at this time. Thank my husband for that, he wrecked my credit score.
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