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  1. Hope1960

    For Lutherans

    Do any of you wear a Crucifix necklace or is that mostly a Catholic thing?
  2. Hope1960


    Ok, got another one for ya. The LCMS rejects evolution. So how to explain all the things that indicate evolution happens?
  3. Hope1960

    LCMS Eucharist

    I’ve been waffling lately between staying at my Lutheran LCMS church and returning to Catholicism. I made the decision to stay at the Lutheran church but here’s my question. I spoke with a Catholic priest who told me that only a priest with valid holy orders has the power to confect the...
  4. Hope1960

    Last Rites

    I know that the LCMS doesn’t have Last Rites/Annointing of the Sick as a Sacrament like Catholics do, but when death is near, does the LCMS do anything for the patient? Does the Pastor visit? Pray over the sick one? Or what?
  5. Hope1960


    I read something recently, written by an agnostic Jew who called the book of Job a “fable”. Does the LCMS believe it’s an historical account with an historical man (Job)? Or a fable? Why or why not? @tampasteve @Josiah
  6. Hope1960

    The Exodus

    I posted about the OT on another message board too and one poster said he’d taken a trip over there because he wanted to find out for himself if the Exodus really happened. He came home with the belief that it didn’t, with the exception of a few people escaping from time to time. can we trust...
  7. Hope1960

    The Entire Bible and Old Testament

    Who here has read the entire Bible, and by entire I mean including Leviticus’ constant talk about slaughtering animals, blood. talk in either Exodus or Leviticus about making tabernacles and priestly clothing etc.? Or do you skim or skip those parts? i‘m trying to read the entire Bible and the...
  8. Hope1960


    Another question at the risk of sounding terrible but I’m currently trying to read the OT (after a few failures) and the God of the OT seems so mean and vengeful. I mean the Plague of the firstborn and other things. Why?
  9. Hope1960


    Merry Christmas, I just heard about this on the news. What if NASA is able to see the beginnings of the universe? What if their findings contradict the Bible? What happens to our faith? @Josiah...
  10. Hope1960

    Do Any Of You….

    Do any of you do spiritual journaling, or use a spiritual planner? I thought the planner was too expensive considering I don’t work and have no need to use a planner…..I write appointments and such on my wall calendar. Instead I started “spiritual journaling” writing Scriptures, positive memes I...
  11. Hope1960


    Does anyone know of a good devotional for women that isn’t like Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling books, where she claims to be receiving messages or inspiration from the Lord? I’m looking for a good solid devotional written by someone who can give wise, thought provoking, Biblically based writing...
  12. Hope1960


    I’ve noticed that most Scriptures that people quote were meant for those in Biblical times, yet people quote them as if they were written for us. Isn’t that taking the Scripture out of context? We view the Scriptures as if God was talking to us, when he was actually speaking to whomever is in...
  13. Hope1960

    Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

    I wasn’t sure if I should put this topic here or in Denominations but anyway, as most of you know I used be Catholic and again, most of you know, the Catholic Church holds to the belief Mary was a perpetual virgin having no other children after Jesus. My LCMS church says she had other kids...
  14. Hope1960

    Name Change

    Why were some of Jesus’ disciples names changed, like Simon was called Peter?
  15. Hope1960

    Trunk or Treat

    Is anybody else’s church doing a Trunk or Treat? This Sunday will be my first time going to one, I might volunteer at concessions or the bean bag toss, or just hang out at a trunk and hand out candy. I don’t really know anybody at my church beyond being acquaintances. A friendly acquaintance...
  16. Hope1960

    Chariot of Fire

    The Scripture that talks about Elijah being taken to heaven in a chariot of fire: Fact? Fiction? Supernatural? Miracle? Symbolic? What?
  17. Hope1960

    Attention LCMS, The Old Testament

    Among the LCMS here, who believes that the stories, and the details of the stories in the OT, are literally true? Like Methuselah living to almost 1000 or Enoch (or was it Elijah?) flying into heaven in a chariot etc? if you do believe it what evidence do you have for their truth? Besides Jesus...
  18. Hope1960

    Let’s Talk About New Age Metaphysical Stores

    My friend, a staunch Catholic, was telling me about this neat Protestant store that’s similar to a Catholic run store but it’s geared toward non Catholics. I thought that since I’m a fairly new Lutheran and we often still shop at the Catholic store, this would be helpful to my spirituality...
  19. Hope1960


    I’m going through my typical worrying about religion again, in particular, the LCMS teaching of a young earth. Since you were at the convention that they decided to uphold a young earth teaching, did they make an educated decision? Did they do their research on SCIENCE, or did they just decide...
  20. Hope1960

    Lutheranism and Job

    What is the Lutheran belief on Job? I’m reading it now. Do Lutherans believe Job was a real person? Do Lutherans believe that all the long winded speeches Job and the others said we’re actual, word for word what these men said?
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