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  1. Naiwen

    Nature Sounds Recommendations!

  2. Naiwen

    4 Years Anniversary!

    Today, this moment marks my 4th years, wrought with health issues, but also without feeling depressed or suicidal. Let’s celebrate life’s every moment, all!
  3. Naiwen

    Ladies on Menopause?

    So I'm a 34 year old born into a female body, but inside I'm agender, but because I'm taking various pills and feeling cold and hot at the same time, I've decided to do a test for early menopause. And because I've had my periods at 10 years old, I have early menopause. It's also been 3 months...
  4. Naiwen

    My Asian Shows with my Subtitles!

    I hsve translated these on Youtube for you guys to love what I love with Chinese apps, Mongolian, Tibetan and other languages. This is the 1st episode from "Rule the World" which I'm watching currently :
  5. Naiwen

    My Meditation Videos!

  6. Naiwen

    My new Meds?

    Well, hoping that my new meds will work better with me as of today. Picking them up tonight. I've seen my psychiatrist about my recent health issues. Home for Xmas, finally.
  7. Naiwen

    Favourite Xmas Dishes?

    Well, when you're the host/hostess in your country, what are your favourite dishes for Xmas?
  8. Naiwen

    My MV's, do not copy!

  9. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Mussels?

    I've made mussels with marinara sauce last night. Yum. How about you?
  10. Naiwen

    Scones and Crumpets?

    I also have tried these at a friend's party. And you personally?
  11. Naiwen

    Favourite Thanksgiving Dishes?

    I know thanksgiving is up, I love turkey and ham personally. What about you?
  12. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Nutella?

    I personally put it on bagels and toasts. How about you?
  13. Naiwen

    Your favourite Breads?

    I myself like baguettes, banana nut bread and French toasts. And you personally?
  14. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Sesame?

    In my homeland of inner and outer Mongolia and Tibet, I used to dip sesame sauce in meats, especially lamb. How about you?
  15. Naiwen

    Veggies or Meats?

    Given the choice to have only 1 thing in life, what would you choose and why? Personally, I think I can make it without meats. And you personally?
  16. Naiwen

    Does anyone love Maple Syrup too?

    Around here, it's served on pancakes or waffles with butter. But also, around March-April, there's "cabana a sucre", event, which is to taste the maple syrup directly from the tree. What about you?
  17. Naiwen

    Favourite sweet-n-sour Dishes?

    I personally love : sweet n sour sautéed cabbage, beef, pork and finally as a dip for fries. How about you?
  18. Naiwen

    Anyone loves Poutine?

    Poutine is cheese curds with gravy and Quebecois fries as a side dish or main. I love it personally. And you personally?
  19. Naiwen

    Chocolate or Candy?

    Well, I have personally no preference over either. What about you?
  20. Naiwen

    Does anyone love Mac N Cheese?

    I can make myself a home-made Mac n Cheese now. And I love it, I put a lot of cheese sprinkles in it. How about you?
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