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  1. Sharon

    Post Favorite Worship Songs

    The Afters' "Well Done" tends to bring tears to my eyes, particularly when our Worship team performs this song. The love and hope that is echoed and shared with my church family during this moment just feels so overwhelming I think, and that's why I have such an emotional reaction to it.
  2. Sharon

    Halloween Debate Thread

    In my opinion, Halloween is a great opportunity to be in community with believers and non-believers. It's a chance to spread the good word and interact with individuals you normally wouldn't engage with. I enjoy Halloween because it kicks of the part of the year where there is so much to...
  3. Sharon

    Does anyone sell on Etsy?

    I have a friend who sells decals and tutus. They're really cute too! She was already getting Christmas requests before Halloween. It's a great side hustle once you become an established/reputable seller.
  4. Sharon

    Why did you leave Facebook?

    Oh wow! ...and here I thought I was behind because I haven't updated my profile pic since before the pandemic started. I'm not really eager to update my profile picture either. My friends like to coordinate get togethers and birthday celebrations through FB, that's another reason why I keep my...
  5. Sharon

    Did you know your great grandparents?

    I had a lovely conversation with my mom this evening and she was telling about her parents. I barely knew my grandmother and I never met my grandfather. My mom let me know that she will write what she remembers about them in the journal I had given her last year. I'm really looking forward to...
  6. Sharon

    Your advice to newlyweds?

    Accept that as individuals you may stay the same and you may change. Choose to love each other every day because of your imperfections.
  7. Sharon

    Did you know your great grandparents?

    How mean of your cousin! You didn't know any better as a toddler! I barely remember my grandmothers and I never met either of by grandfathers. My husband's grandfather is still alive and we try to visit Papaw as often as we can. He still has a head full of hair and works in his garden every...
  8. Sharon

    Covid Vaccine Reactions

    It's been a few months since I've had my vaccines (both shots) I got the pfizer vaccine. I didn't experience any symptoms other than a sore arm after the first shot. I had a massive headache when I got the second shot which I had to sleep off. I felt fine the next day.
  9. Sharon

    What do you think about iOS 15?

    I've been meaning to get the update. I always seem to remember when my battery is too low and I'm too far from my charger. I forget to start the update when charge for the evening. lol I do mean to get it soon though! I think one of the features I will be looking forward to is finally being...
  10. Sharon

    Bluetooth headphones

    I've had the regular AirPods and now I have the pro version. I like the noise cancellation and transparency modes. The regular airpods are still great though!
  11. Sharon

    My singing Voice!

    Thank you for sharing these with us! I enjoyed this track the most. Although I don't understand the words it sounds beautiful! It reminds me of a song I absolutely adored as a child called "First Love" by Utada Hikaru. I will post a short clip now. Please excuse any of my mispronunciation...
  12. Sharon

    Rachel Platten

    Are there any other Rachel Platten fans? I totally fell in love with her music the first time I heard "Fight Song" some may considered it overplayed now, but I don't love it any less. Some other tracks I really enjoy are "Stand By You" and "Soldiers".
  13. Sharon

    How many years?

    I'm amazed at the longevity of marriages that I see in this thread! My husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in June. We still feel like we have so much more to learn about each other which is fantastic. One of the toughest hurdles we've overcome as a couple is fully understanding that...
  14. Sharon


    We have a reverse osmosis system. It's great because I can continuously refill my water bottle throughout the day. We try not to buy bottled water because it's not as cost effective and it's better for the environment if we just bottle our own right?
  15. Sharon

    Bluetooth headphones

    I use Airpods Pro as well! I use them while go for walks or runs. If I feel like I'm going to have a long conversation with someone I use them for phone calls as well. As a back up for when I run low on juice for my Airpods or if they're out of reach. I have my Jabras handy as well but I don't...
  16. Sharon

    Sharon here!

    Thanks everyone! Happy to be here!
  17. Sharon

    Your favourite Scents for Aroma Therapy?

    I haven't personally looked into aroma therapy for self care but have heard great things about it and their effectiveness. Aromas in general that I enjoy for they trigger comforting and nostalgic feelings are coffee and apple scents (not together though! haha).
  18. Sharon

    Sharon here!

    Thank you for the warm welcome! ☺️
  19. Sharon

    When Things Aren't Okay?

    That's the issue isn't it with social media/platforms? Some married individuals don't always share their hardships on the guise of being private however, most are probably concerned with being judged. Some may fear that they'd be burdening others with their "dirty laundry." Whatever reasons may...
  20. Sharon

    Why did you leave Facebook?

    I still actively use Facebook however, I removed from my phone and only pop on there once and a while. Like many others have experienced there's too many political posts and not that I don't care to listen to others' opinion around those matters, it's just really difficult for me to see other's...
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