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  1. Romanos

    October already?

    October already?
  2. Romanos

    Eye of a needle

    The idea that Christianity Haven is for a specific denomination or doctrine is far from the truth.
  3. Romanos

    Thoughts on the two calendars

    What are your thoughts on the two calendars used by Christianity?
  4. Romanos

    Permission Error

    We could always fix it, but then it’s never been an issue and with its placement in the forum itself, many people understand this is an administrative section.
  5. Romanos

    Username Change

    As Lämmchen mentioned, all username changes are performed by an Admin, which is how I originally set it up and we still did even though at one point we had a shop with an item to allow you to change your username.
  6. Romanos

    Why did Athanasius omit Maccabees from both his canonical and non-canonical lists?

    If disagreements can not be done without name calling or antagonizing, then moderator contact will occur. If there are concerns of what a member is posting, please utilize the report post function and leave it to the Staff to review with no further reply needed. I’d like to see great discussion...
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    We do have an edit feature for posts. You should see three dots with an arrow pointing down in your posts, click on that and you should see the Edit button.
  8. Romanos

    10,000th Thread

    So exciting for us to reach this milestone! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Christianity Haven, your support is so appreciated! :)
  9. Romanos

    Username Change

    We do offer username changes, what are you wishing to have it changed to?
  10. Romanos

    Happy Birthday Krissy Cakes

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  11. Romanos

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Doing some laundry right now.
  12. Romanos

    The Official Chat Thread - Part 3

    How is everyone?
  13. Romanos

    Happy Easter!

    We here at Christianity Haven would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today as the Resurrection is celebrated and we give thanks for His Victory! Romanos and the CH Staff
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    Hello and welcome back! Would you like to see about getting back into your old account? :)
  15. Romanos

    New Comer

    @TheWordIsOne, do you accept the Nicene Creed in full? You can find it here.
  16. Romanos

    Happy Birthday George

    Happy Birthday!
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  18. Romanos

    Happy Lunar New Year to all!

    They came with the following addon that we use. I was not aware that those forum icons would show up, and they have been removed from the addon.
  19. Romanos

    Kathy from UTAH, USA

    Welcome Kathy!
  20. Romanos

    Greetings in Jesus Christ's Name

    Welcome to CH!
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