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  1. Ruth

    My Boring/Exciting Blog?!

    Wow. I didn't even know you had a Blog place here! That's so cool. Now I can blog to my hearts content. I called my blog Boring/Exciting because it will probably be both and to some just plain It is Wednesday and I'm going to the Pulmonologist today. He will tell...
  2. Ruth

    Please Pray for Terre

    I have a friend from childhood named Terre. She has had stage 4 breast cancer for several years now. I'm so glad she has been getting treatment and keeping up with her health concerns. The survival rate for this at her stage is 5 years and I think she has gone past that or is near that...
  3. Ruth

    Any New Year's Resolutions?

    My resolution will to take care of my health, continue healthy eating, get another car soon, exercise more. Anyone have any? I usually break mine but sometimes not, too. :)
  4. Ruth

    Russia's Hypersonic Missile System

    Here is a link to the article: Here is another article: On the news I saw that these missiles could hit the USA and we have no ready defense...
  5. Ruth

    On this Christmas Eve Please Share Your Greetings :)

    This day has been good for me. The past few were treacherous. Crying helps a lot and I recommend it highly when you need to. Anyways, this is the Birth of Jesus and I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas
  6. Ruth

    Sharing the Pain

    The holidays this time of year can be painful for some people. Not everyone is having a cheerful time. I take this day out each year to remember my baby sister Rose at 21 years of age who passed so many years ago today. She is greatly missed:
  7. Ruth

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Day. Me and my dog Suzy are going to have a good meal together. All of my relatives live out of state now so I will have fun with my dog instead. After all she loves turkey...and most food...:birgits_giggle:
  8. Ruth


    I have realized that watching the News every day has left me scared to death! I think we tend to think something bad is going to happen such as in the News but in reality the News is only a sliver of all that is happening in the USA. Many good things are happening too. People are generous and...
  9. Ruth

    Heat Settings

    For those of you who live in the cold Winter zones what do you keep your temperature at on your thermostat? I've been keeping it at 68 F but sometimes the air gets so cold before the heat goes back on that I give it a little turn up to 70 F. I'm trying to watch my fuel consumption and not have...
  10. Ruth

    What do you see...

    What do you see when you look out your windows? I see cars going by for one thing..I am on a busy street but my apt is luckily set back farther so I don't hear them much. I see chipmunks, squirrels, beautiful birds when I look out my back window. We have red, brown, black and gray squirrels...
  11. Ruth

    What Forgiveness Scripture(s) Do You Like Most?

    Forgiveness is something that sometimes comes hard for some of us especially when we have been emotionally scarred by the acts of others. I have had great injustices done to me in my life and carried around a lot of anger but it wasn't something that women were allowed to be-angry that is-so I...
  12. Ruth


    Does anyone play the lottery where they live? I haven't in a long time. I am going to play the Mega Millions tonight for a chance to win at least 1.6 Billion dollars! I was just thinking of how much my life would change if I won..I know, though, there's not much of a chance but someone has to...
  13. Ruth

    KKK and Extremist Groups

    So, what do you think of the KKK? I am not for the things they do. Something I have thought about though is that black people can have groups that have the word "black" in it but when whites do it they get a terrible backlash. Not really referring to the KKK with that last sentence. It is...
  14. Ruth


    Did anyone vote yet? Are you going to vote in November this year? I have sent my ballot in already. I didn't like either the Republican or Democrat running for Governor so I voted Green Party this time. I've never voted Green before but hey, why not? :) I also voted for reforming prison...
  15. Ruth

    New Addition to Family

    This is my niece with her new and first child, a little girl named Helena
  16. Ruth


    Do any of you wear jewelry? I don't wear much but have a favorite ring that is my birthstone. It's opal.
  17. Ruth

    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night, Good Day!

    Started a thread like this at another forum and people seemed to like it. It is about saying Good Morning or Good... and chatting, too. I will start. Neighbor acting up tonight really got on my nerves but I am okay now. The weather sure is changing here fast. It was 83 on Tues and then in...
  18. Ruth

    New A1C

    For those of you who don't know what A1C is it's the average of blood glucose measured over about a 3 mo. period. When I was diagnosed in May of this year mine was 7.2 which is why I got the diagnosis of Diabetes. Yesterday I got a new A1C and it is 5.6 which is in the "normal range" now. I...
  19. Ruth

    Mental Health: Did you ever experience this"?

    I hadn't chatted by email with my sister for a few weeks. I am always afraid when I get her emails as they are always incessant complaining with no end in sight or very ambiguous, meaning who knows what she means. She started telling me about age spots and then about her new job. I guessed...
  20. Ruth

    Support Groups Online

    I have joined several Facebook support groups for my physical and mental health. There are lots of people in these groups who have the same problems and are empathetic and helpful. I have found a lot of comfort in these groups.:piano:
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