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  1. Krissy Cakes

    Could be a life saving
  2. Krissy Cakes

    National Gaurd in 3 states

    Trump says he's activated National Guard in New York, California and Washington state
  3. Krissy Cakes

    9-year-old commits suicide

    9-year-old commits suicide after coming out as gay to his classmates. This just makes me so mad and sad!! :run-away-crying: What has this world come to? :nonono: Prayers for his family! :pray:
  4. Krissy Cakes

    Supreme Court backs Christian baker

    Supreme Court backs Christian baker who spurned gay couple.
  5. Krissy Cakes

    Child in SUV cliff plunge SO sad!! :( :pray:
  6. Krissy Cakes

    Bridge Collapse

    Six to 10 people killed in Florida foot bridge collapse.
  7. Krissy Cakes

    They could be watching you

    What's in your streetlights? "The biggest appeal of LEDs is their efficiency and cost-saving potential: They aren’t designed specifically to surveil. But the bulbs’ complex wiring and strategic positioning make recording devices an easy addition. When LEDs started brightening the halls of...
  8. Krissy Cakes

    Demonic kid

    Passenger films toddler's eight hour tantrum on flight | Daily Mail Online Give the kid a sleeping pill! :banghead:
  9. Krissy Cakes

    Four sheriff’s deputies hid during Florida school shooting
  10. Krissy Cakes

    Trump V Obama Response to mass shootings
  11. Krissy Cakes

    Trump assaults food stamps Basically, Trump has decided to revamp the food stamp program so that we receive a box of canned goods instead of being able to shop for our own food. That means no fresh fruits and vegetables, no eggs, no...
  12. Krissy Cakes

    Vanessa Trump Hospitalized
  13. Krissy Cakes

    Night to Shine 2018 Just another reason why I LOVE Tim Tebow! :wub:
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