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  1. Krissy Cakes

    How did you find your spouse?

    I'm wondering about other couples. How they found each other. :)
  2. Krissy Cakes

    What annoys you?

    If anything, what annoys you about your spouse?
  3. Krissy Cakes

    What side of the bed

    What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  4. Krissy Cakes

    Ask us married folks!

    For the singles to ask us married peeps questions. :heart:
  5. Krissy Cakes

    Bible verses about marriage

    Hello married peeps! I am having issues right now and need some help and prayer. :sad: I was also wondering if you guys could give me bible verses on marriage. :) Blessings, Army Wife :angel:
  6. Krissy Cakes

    What's on Your Mind? - Married Couples

    So whats on your mind? :feedback: I'm Tired I just woke up. :yawn:
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