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  1. Krissy Cakes

    A new me!

    Congrats!!! 🎂 Thats HUGE!! I pray for many more years happy. 🙏
  2. Krissy Cakes

    Happy Holidays all!

    Happy Holidays everyone!! 😘
  3. Krissy Cakes

    What were you bullied for?

    Being dumb and fat.
  4. Krissy Cakes

    Kids and bedrooms?

    My brothers shared a room till I moved out then the youngest one got my room.
  5. Krissy Cakes

    If you had one month to live...

    Of course I would spend it with family and friends. Maybe a cruise (as I love them) but Jordan wouldn't want to go.
  6. Krissy Cakes

    DNA testing

    I really want to do ancestry. I want to get the kit. I want to know my history.
  7. Krissy Cakes

    Do you say I love you to friends?

    Yes I do. Cause I do love them. I have a bestfriend who I consider a mom that I say I love you all the time.
  8. Krissy Cakes

    exotic places to live/visited

    I have been to the Bahamas too!! :BananaMon:
  9. Krissy Cakes

    Not exactly a #metoo but still feel violated

    I'm so sorry that it happened to you. :empathy: I agree with Bill on the pepper spray.
  10. Krissy Cakes

    How much televison do you watch?

    Don't have TV. Just Hulu and Netflix. But if I did have tv it would be probably be on all the time as I don't have much of a life.
  11. Krissy Cakes

    Do children have it easier or worse today?

    I feel children now have easier as (most) kids are spoiled and they can get away with things as the parents don't want to discipline or don't know how to.
  12. Krissy Cakes

    Date Night

    We live in a small town so there are not many people in the theaters when we go and when we go we sit where there is no one around us so he can talk if he wants but I tell him to shut up cause its annoying!
  13. Krissy Cakes

    Date Night

    Talking and trying to figure out whats going to happen. It usually happens! Ugh! :(
  14. Krissy Cakes

    Date Night

    Date night is usually out to eat. We can't do movies as Jordan has a problem with ruining it for me. :(
  15. Krissy Cakes

    Premarital Sex, is it every right?

    I think its a sin. Even tho I had it with my husband as we knew we were going to get married so we didn't see a problem.
  16. Krissy Cakes

    Lockdown drill at school

    I remember growing up with LOTS of lockdowns. They can be very scary.
  17. Krissy Cakes

    Are you a gun owner?

    I don't own a gun as for safety reason as my husband thinks I would shoot myself and why would I need one when I have a military man to take care of me. :king:
  18. Krissy Cakes

    Reduce your 2017 tax bill with an IRA

    My father in law does our taxes. Which is nice as we don't have to spend extra money.
  19. Krissy Cakes

    My daughter got a job!

    Awesome to hear! Happy for her.
  20. Krissy Cakes

    Marriage more difficult today?

    I believe people don't stay married this day and age cause they don't work out their problems.
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