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    Who has been to New Zealand?

    So who has been to New Zealand? :) (I haven't, BTW...) I'm a Canuck, and Air New Zealand has started flying to Vancouver, BC. A trip to Australia - for those who live far away - is enhanced by stopping off in NZ - it's a perennial toss up whether Auckland or Wellington is the better port of...
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    Any Australians?

    So any Australians? I had a cousin in Brisbane, QLD.
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    How for your first earring(s)?

    Okay so how old were ppl for their first earring(s)? :) (Poll attached also.)
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    A-Z Rivers

    A: Amazon
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    Do you have pierced ears? (or would consider doing it)

    So a more lighthearted thread, I guess. Who has pierced ears? or would consider doing it? These days men do it as well, of course, and many women do multiples. (A poll is included.) In the Bible, the pierced ear was the sign of a bondservant, who when offered his freedom, chose to serve his...
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    Josiah Conder's 'Thou art the everlasting Word'

    This great hymn by Josiah Conder has verses which include: 'Thou art the everlasting Word, The Father's only Son, God manifestly seen and heard And heaven's beloved One. (Refrain: ) Worthy O Lamb of God art Thou, That every knee to Thee should bow. But the high mys'tries of Thy Name An...
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    I love the Messianic Psalms!

    Psalm 110.1 is clear: 'The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand...' David is calling the coming Messiah 'Lord'.
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    Anyone have a faith based tattoo? or might consider one?

    A lot of ppl these days seem to have gotten tattooed with a faith based design. So anyone got one or might consider one?
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    Who gave up smoking?

    So who has managed to give up smoking? (Poll added.)
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    Hi; just joined!
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