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    Do you think the Puritans were idiots?

    They kinda seem like idiots.
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    Did the very first Christians have the apocrypha in their Bible?

    Like, for example, do you think there’s a possibility that someone who knew Paul personally, who Paul mentioned by name in the New Testament, might have actually quoted an apocryphal books as scripture, like say the book of Judith for example?
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    Why do they say that the Catholic Church added the Apocryphal books to the Bible in the 1500’s?

    Does that mean that nobody had these books in their Bibles before the 1500’s?
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    Is Usury a sin?

    Usury is condemned in the Old Testament. Why do people think Jesus is saying usury is OK?
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    Why did God allow the holocaust to happen to His chosen people?

    Aren’t God’s people the chosen ones?
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    Should people who rip books out of the Bible burn in Hell?

    Scripture warns not to take stuff out
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    Did Jesus establish the canon of scripture?

    In Matthew 23, Jesus mentioned Abel to Zechariah. Zechariah is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 24:21, which chronologically is the same time as Malachi.
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    Why is the book of Judith historically inaccurate?

    I mean, Judith chapter 4 seems to say that the story takes place after the captivity, after they returned from captivity (70 years later), after the temple was rebuilt, and after the temple was polluted and re-dedicated. So couldn’t it just be talking about a different Nebuchadnezzar who ruled...
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    When does Daniel’s 70 week prophecy begin?

    Does it begin in Artaxerxes’ 20th year, as stated in Nehemiah chapter 2? Or does it start with Artaxerxes’ 7th year, as stated in Ezra chapter 7? I’ve heard both from different Christian groups. And both claim that they pin point exactly Jesus’ crucifixion. But they can’t both be exact. They’re...
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    Did Jesus preach the gospel in Hell?

    Is this right? Before Jesus came, back then they had forgiveness of sins through animals sacrifices. Those who sinned, and had no animal sacrifice for forgiveness, died and went to Hell. But Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and those righteous went to heaven. But once Jesus came, he made the ultimate...
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    How old was Ahaz when Hezekiah was born?

    Ahaz was 20 when he became king and reigned for 16 years. So he died at 36 (2 Kings 16:2). And Hezekiah became king when he died, at 25 years of age (2 Kings 18:2). 36 - 25 = 11? Ahaz begot Hezekiah when he was only 11?
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    What year was it when the Catholic book of Esther was added to the Bible?

    Athanasius says Esther is Apocrypha
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    Are Christians justified by works?

    Or are we justified by faith alone?
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    Was Ezra a prophet?

    As I understand it, the book of Ezra contains no prophecy. It’s just a book that details the history of the Jewish nation within the Persian empire. Ezra, being a Levite priest and scribe had the authority to write the scriptures. So the history he recorded of considered scripture. They say...
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    How did Jesus know how Zechariah was killed?

    And Jesus was talking about Zechariah son of Berechiah. Not Zechariah son of Jehoiada. So please don’t confuse the two since they were literally centuries apart.
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    What about the Greek Septuagint?

    Was used by the early church?
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    The book of Esther is never quoted in the New Testament, nor alluded to, therefore Esther is an apocryphal work of fiction?

    Esther ought to be ripped out of the Bible and thrown into the trash.
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    Did the Catholics make up the book of 1 Maccabees out of their imagination?

    After all, the New Testament never mentions anything in the apocrypha. So the Catholics must have made it up.
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    If the apocrypha doesn’t belong in the Bible, then please explain why Clement of Rome said that Judith is scripture in his letter to the Corinthians?

    Clement of Rome was alive the same time the apostles were alive, and would have known Peter and Paul personally. Clement wrote a letter to the Corinthians (1 Clement) where he mentions Moses, Judith, and Esther, and calls them all scripture. Judith is an apocryphal book. If Peter and Paul...
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