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  • Yes, we got lots of snow as well, hope you have a beautiful day, you deserve it beautiful lady.:smlove2::kiss::heart:
    So sorry to hear about the health issues with you and your mother. It is very hard to deal with. And diet change is absolutely necessary. For the most part, I eat vegetarian, but occasionally I will treat myself. I think it's important to find a healthy balance. I give God the praise and glory for sparing my life and bringing me this far.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day, Ruth. :)
    That's good that you're trying to eat right and take care of yourself, as that is important. Yes I did have cancer, and I had to have a mastectomy on one side in early 2017. I have had a slew of different health issues since 2015. I am trying to eat healthy and have made a lot of changes since then. It's by the grace of God that I am still here.

    I hope you have a beautiful 2019, Ruth. God bless. :heart::hug2:
    Thanks. Tigger had issues with Flash too. I'm using Firefox and it installed Flash no problem for me. Not all the games are keeping score though so we're trying to figure out the problems with the arcade.
    Could you do me a favor and go into the Arcade and see if you can play any of the games? Romanos opened it up to all members for the holiday and psalms 91 noticed that no one has gone in to play except for himself and one other person. Please let me know, thanks!
    You are welcome, and thank you for understanding. And sometimes the quiet Christmases can be the best. Hope you will be able to see your brother sometimes. It is always hard when family moves away.

    As for the PC, it seems to be ok for now and hopefully it will stay that way. My appointment went well. It was just to get established with a new oncologist because my old one retired and for a standard routine check up. Thank you for your care and concern.

    God bless you. :)
    Hi, Ruth. I am doing ok. I have a doctor's appointment today the 26th of December. Sorry I have not been able to answer back, but I had been having PC problems and just now have gotten things back up and running. I pray you're doing well. God bless you. :)
    Thanks! I remember you as well. My sister registered a little before me so now I am trying to get the feel of things. Looks like a nice site! :)
    I'm doing fine! I went out for a nice walk just now and the weather is great. I hope you find relief soon for the arthritis.
    I was just thinking about you and how you were doing and now I see you're online. Good morning! :)
    It's good you're back here. I know a lot of members have missed you. They're guys though so they don't talk about feelings often!
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