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  • iam enjoying self on here. maybe its because the member base is small..unlike other christian forums that have over 1000 members..but it wont last long. eventually, CH will grow
    love the arcade. played some games that i missed playing when i was younger. but very rusty at all of them
    I've got a hyperactive butterfly now! His wings aren't supposed to flap quite so wildly. I'll send you a PM with a web link to it so you can see what I'd expected.

    Not a huge priority, but if you're fiddling with stuff it would be cool to have it somewhere between dead and hyper :)
    Wings still not flapping :(

    Off to sleep now, maybe my butterfly will have come alive in the morning.
    The avatar isn't animating. I tried reuploading it but still doesn't work. 19.5KB is a very small file size limit - even something as modest as my butterfly comes in at 20.5KB

    Is it really necessary to restrict avatars to be quite so small?
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