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  • Happy Birthday Rens, I hope you had a good day.. please come back soon. I miss you..
    It seems you're taking some time away from CH. If you like, you can always drop me an email. :)
    Romanos told me he was going to help you with your account so let me know if you can get back into the other one?
    Rens I can get your password changed so you can get in your other account if you like?
    Hi so are you to trying to makes go of it again or is it all off. I did wonder where your support thing went can you ask lamm to add it to here' and how do you ban yourself lol either way i missed you are glad you come back
    Hello and welcome to Christianity Haven, Rens2! Let me know if you need help with anything concerning the forum. Again welcome and glad to have you!
    Hi ..... I just want to tell you I think you've been doing an outstanding job, ... With work and the kids and school and being pulled in many directions, and not having the solid, consistent church fellowship we all as believers really need , especially these days, .... I just want to tell you I'm really proud of you and am praying for you for joy and peace in Jesus' name and without wanting to violate any rules, I just wanted to send my love your way.
    Happy Valentine's Day, Rens! God bless you! :hug:
    May the Lord bless you today with the sweetness of His love and grace and grant you all you need to have a joy-filled day. Happy Valentine's Day, Rens.
    A Happy Happy wonderful day ..... And thank you for the joy you bring in my life. It's a public forum, so just ..... :woot: ..... grear !
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