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  • You won't see it, because it's not there. We know she had to be a virgin when she gave birth, that's the easy part. After that, her sexual status doesn't (or shouldn't) matter. If her and Joseph wanted to have sex as a married couple, they were well within their God-given right to do it. I don't know why the Catholics want to make out like it's a bad thing.
    I'm not sure what young guys do these days...I see many with gauges and piercings all over...:D
    I got my ear pierced on my 21st birthday, back in 1984. It's what all the "cool" rebels were doing...LOL!
    Hi...my picture is by Lake Michigan. We used to live there. Have a nice evening.
    Hi, the butterfly is an animated GIF I found, although this site doesn't animate it. The doctrinal significance is nothing more than that I thought it was cool :)
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