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  • Could you do me a favor and go into the Arcade and see if you can play any of the games? Romanos opened it up to all members for the holiday and psalms 91 noticed that no one has gone in to play except for himself and one other person. Please let me know, thanks!
    It's really good to have you here :) I appreciate your efforts in beginning new discussions and wish more members would follow suit. Just think of how many new conversations we could have waiting for us when we log in if everyone would begin threads instead of waiting for others to do the work?
    Hi! If you "dig" through some of the forums (Christian Theology for example), you'll find some interesting threads from the past that might interest you. CH is open to threads being "revitalized." Just a thought.... Good to have you here!
    You'll see a lot of familiar names on here so stick around and reminisce! Christianity Haven uses vbulletin like CF used to have so you should find that most things are like the old ways!
    I just realized I recognized your username from years past! How have you been? I was LilLamb219 over at CF.
    Hello and welcome to Christianity Haven, Albion! Let me know if you need help with anything concerning the forum. Again welcome and glad to have you!
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