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  • Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate you being a part of CH and your posts.... While I don't ALWAYS agree with you, I make a real point to carefully read what you have to say. I find you to be articulate and often learn and benefit from what you have to say. It's why I come to sites like this..... not to debate or try to convince (I lack the ego for that) but hopefully to learn and grow, to "see" new perspectives, to be challenged. You are helpful in that way. Thanks for being a part of CH. Thanks for your excellent posts.
    No,im not using the word works at all. So many imply that the obedience of repentance is a work..it is not.it means the changing of ones mind. Its not a work.yet without it no change in works will be effected. The obedience to change ones mind towards god results in the first work of obedience.. Be baprised into christs death .for we cannot be ressurected into his life except we are furst buried with him into his death.
    Any argue that doing so or saying so us works based rightousness. But it is not..for itbegins in faith ALONE and that faith results in a change of outward action and that action results in works of rightousness. Not continuence of the same repeated sin.. One is evidence of the former.. The latter is evidence that one had been born again of water and of the Holy Spirit. Without which we will not see the kingdom of heaven.
    QUOTE=Ackbach;52618]Repentance itself is a gift from God - a grace. You can see Heb. 12:17, where Esau sought to repent, but. <Snip> e. And it is our way of glorifying God, which is the main reason we exist in the first place.

    To repent. Metanoeo .
    To change ones mind .there is no physical exertion..it is not a work. Yet it involves the will of the heart.
    If it were automaticly done without any decision from us ..then all would be saved without exception. But then love would have no part in it.
    And it would be a doctrine of universalism.
    Christ has assured us the way of salvation..if we endure upon it until the end.
    Hello and welcome to Christianity Haven, Ackbach! Let me know if you need help with anything concerning the forum. Again welcome and glad to have you!
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