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... the same point made against gun control, or even rape and murder. It tends to happen regardless of the law.
They aren't really comparable though. If I'm smoking a joint in my living room or shooting tin cans at the end of my yard I'm not hurting anyone else. Rape and murder are very different in that they involve the imposition of one person's will upon a non-consenting other.

Lowering crime by making less and less illegal doesn't seem particularly wise to me. True - if you have no laws, you have no crime but is that the issue? This liberal approach is one I reject. But I agree with you, having laws that are nonsensical and not agreed with by the vast majority of people are probably very limited in value.
I think it has to come down to an issue of protecting what might be called the fabric of society. Hence things like theft, rape, murder etc are illegal. Things that only affect people who are consenting to take part has no victim and therefore does not need to be regulated. Hence there's no need to outlaw smoking a joint, along with a host of other things some people think should be illegal.