While having lunch in a local bakery "pie shop" I struck up a conversation with two elderly ladies sitting at the table next to mine. They'd been chatting about women wearing Burkas. Now, it is worth noticing that very few women wear a Burka in Australia, I've seen only one in all the years I have lived here. But the ladies were complaining about "foreigners" wearing such things. Oddly enough one of the two ladies was born in England and had a discernible English accent so I silently wondered "foreigners? isn't that what one of you is?". Anyway, in the conversation we had the ladies continued with their theme, one saying that "They ought to go home, them Muslims". I replied that a good number of them were born in Australia so "home" was right here. With some effort and careful choice of words the conversation was steered towards the gospel and we chatted a little about God and Jesus Christ and church life. That improved the conversation and the ladies were visibly happier on the new topic. The ladies self-identified as Christians, though they do not go to church.

In retrospect I wondered to myself if a great many people in their age group shared their fears and dislikes. And I got to wondering how the Lord Jesus Christ, his mother Blessed Mary, and his father saint Joseph would have been perceived by the ladies. They'd be Arab looking people, a "foreign family". I was a stranger, and ye took me not in.