This forum is for Christians who abide by the Statement of Faith (accepts the Nicene Creed) and is a No Debate forum to discuss Christian topics. Other topics will be moved or trashed. Posts that debate/argue/belittle/flame will be trashed. Similar topics may be created in the Christian Theology forum but do not link to the new forum, quote posts from this new forum, address a member in reference to a post from this new forum or use the @Mention in those similar threads or the threads could be edited or removed per staff's prerogative. Do not promote your similar topic thread from the Christian Theology forum within any of the threads in the new forum. In other words, do not stir the pot!

Important! When you create a new thread in this forum, you MUST enter (No Debate) in the beginning of the Title so that members replying know that this is not posted in the Christian Theology forum. If you neglect to do this Staff will edit the title for you but please do not make it a habit.

Threads that do not deal with Christian topics for discussion will either be deleted or moved. Threads that encourage debate will either be deleted or moved. Do not start drama in this forum.

Instead of giving a definition of debate it is easier to show examples of what is and what is not acceptable:

OP asks: How can a Christian be saved?
Acceptable Type of Response: Through grace and baptism
Acceptable Type of Response: By his free will accepting Jesus
NOT Acceptable Type of Response: Baptism won't save anyone! You're too indoctrinated. (This person has turned the topic into a debate and trying to correct someone's theology instead of addressing the topic.)

OP Question: At what age should children ask Jesus into their heart?
Acceptable Type of Response: I don't expect my child to do that because I believe that God gives faith by His word and not by asking Him into their heart for salvation. (Notice how a response can disagree without turning the topic into a debate?)
OP Replies: Well I feel differently than you and feel that I'm biblically correct.
NOT Acceptable Type of Response would be to argue with the OP about why his theology is not correct.

OP Question: How often do you speak in tongues?
Acceptable Type of Response: Never, because I don't believe the gift is for today. (This member has now said his beliefs and should not delve further into the discussion to prove that he's correct since it forces the OP into another direction and would be trying to correct someone's theology.)
NOT Acceptable Type of Response: Tongues is just gibberish and not a real language. (This member chooses to force the topic into a tangent and wants to correct the other member's theology.)

What is the purpose of the new forum and why no debate? Over the past 3 years we have heard from many members who desire to have such a forum so they can have discussions without fear of the topic being dominated by those who want to argue against their belief. The Christian Theology forum is for debate and will remain the same so have no fear that our site is completely changing because it is not.

This new forum will have a 3 month trial to see how it works. If it’s successful and remains active then we will keep it. If it does not get much use after 3 months have passed then it will be eliminated.