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    Ethics & Debate Center - Thread: Common Figure of Speech?

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      ================================================== ============================================

      This Post is an aside. It is an insertion into the main sequence of evidence presentation.

      It deals with other diversionary stuff that has arisen. I have paused to show that it is definitely diversionary. So that Readers can ponder why the diversion was deemed necessary.

      But as I said before, the evidence will end up being presented anyway. Any attempts to diminish its importance or credence are doomed to failure. The importance will be clear to all Readers. Readers will naturally be free to accept it or reject the evidence as they wish. (Or be predestined to do so, might some environments suggest?)

      ================================================== ============================================

      In Post #1 rstrats requested examples of common figures of speech relating to measuring time in days. He specifically mentioned the particular “three days and three nights” relating to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

      In Post #4 I showed with a definitive example, that two counting mechanisms were in common usage – one which counted part days as whole days, and one which did not. I said there was more information to come. I reiterated that in Post #6.

      rstrats in Post #17 stated: Again, the topic request for examples is with regard to the commonality of forecasting a daytime or a night time when no part of the daytime or no part of the night time could occur.

      In Post #21 I presented one particular item of evidence (which was also another example as requested by rstrats), that the “three days and three nights” stated by Jesus actually meant a full three periods of daylight and three full periods of darkness. I indicated yet again, that there was still more evidence to come.

      rstrats then said in Post #22 [blank lines removed to conserve space]: Pedrito,
      "We thus see exposed the inbuilt illogicality of the 'traditional' reasoning invoked to support the Friday-Sunday timeline."
      Is this your way of saying that you don't believe in a 6th day of the week crucifixion?
      And the rest of your post deals with issues for a different topic. Perhaps you could start one.

      He further stated in Post #23: So far no examples have been provided, but maybe someone new looking in might know of some.

      And here was I thinking that my Post, dealing as it did with common figures of speech relating to counting days and nights, and with particular reference to Jesus’ death and resurrection (as was focussed on in the original Post) – here was I thinking that that Post was right on target (right on topic). And have I not indeed provided examples that are spot on (demonstrably pertinent)?

      Let’s see what the next evidential Post reveals.

      ================================================== ============================================
      Seeking to understand with precision, God's holy and coherent revelation to us.

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      re: "...have I not indeed provided examples that are spot on (demonstrably pertinent)?"

      Not that I have seen. I have not seen even 1 actual instance provided where a daytime or a night time was forecast or said to be involved with an event when no part of a daytime or no part of a night time could occur.


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