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In the sense of the belief that God is not involved in our day to day lives it would seem that an atheist and a deist would agree. But to step from there to conclude that the two are practically no different is absurd - a degree of agreement doesn't mean there aren't areas of disagreement.

I think the theory of evolution makes more sense from a deistic perspective than from an atheistic perspective. To argue that a deity created life and created within it the means to adapt and evolve makes more sense to me than to argue that nothing became something and a creature crawled out of the ooze and evolved because it just got lucky. Even theistic evolution makes some sense from a deist perspective, in that some kind of god watched and guided the evolution of its creation until it reached a certain stage, then left it alone. In that respect it's rather like a parent - when I was a baby my parents were involved in every little thing I did and as I grew older their involvement in my life diminished. They still care about me, they still interact with me, but not on a day-to-day basis. I know the analogy isn't perfect but it works most of the way
Perhaps the word "practical" is throwing people off.
I mean by it that the common sense day-to-day living of life is viewed similarly by a deist and an atheist. For all intense puposes their daily perspective of God's interaction is the same. It is non-existent.
The only difference is: What caused the Big Bang?