Just curious if anyone has experienced this.

You take some time, considerable time, studying a biblical subject. For the point of this thread and discussion, the actual subject is irrelevant - just that you have spent time in study/prayer trying to understand something in the bible. You have looked at the passage or passages in question. You have considered the context of the surrounding passages and story if there is one.

Finally, after years, months or even days, what was obscure becomes crystal clear to you. But you want to make sure this understanding is without falsehood, so you test. You've examined the surrounding context of the passage(s) in question. You look to see if the same understanding is applied elsewhere in the bible, also testing those other passages against context.

You are sure now of the understanding of something you were once unsure of. This is like a pearl of wisdom to you.

Now here is the problem. You attend church or listen to sermons online. On the subject in question, your pastor or favorite spiritual guru has chosen the passage you were once unclear about.
The problem comes in that this practitioner of priest craft doesn't care about the meaning of the passage, in it's context, compared to other Scriptures to test. No, it's simply the basis for his or her "feel good sermon". The text is cherry picked off the tree, cut up in to pieces, mixed with other things and then presented to you as a finished product - whatever that may be.

Now if this is just some person online spreading his "understanding" in such a way, no big deal, as you can just quietly reject it, and move on. In a church setting, however, often the preacher is asking for "Amens" and some other form of acknowledgement that ties the amalgamation of Scriptures he just butchered and mis-combined into some semblance of "spiritual understanding"

- an understanding you reject, because you have done your study while he just wanted some passages to underscore his message for that day.

Does this bother you? Do you speak up? Remain silent? Forget about it?