Christian (er, Lutheran and Catholic specifically and anyone else close to those views): Jesus really magically infuses bread with himself and the bread becomes flesh and the juice becomes blood!! Or, "is means is" - it may not taste, smell or resemble flesh and blood, but it IS. Here are some proofs from the church fathers, here is this creed and that creed. You will not take my mystic consumption away from me! I have the spirit of God!!

Other: Dude. If "is means is" your a bloody sheep. Or you could be a goat too. Jesus is the shepherd of sheep, remember? And at the end of time the sheep and the goats are separated. So OBVIOUSLY you are one or the other. This human body of yours, is like false veil, only the appearance of being human. C'mon. I know you can bah and bleat like a sheep! Give it your best shot!

Christian: Nay. Jesus was using a metaphor there, because it fits my pre-indoctrination and such.

Other: Yeah, I see. Dude, ya really need to think about this.

Christian: Oh yeah? Why?

Other: Well let me ask you a question. Is Jesus your sinless sacrifice?

Christian: why yes, of course.

Other: It is a sin to eat lifeblood of an animal. Jesus offers you his blood. Says, in fact, it's mandatory to eat to have eternal life. Should tell you something right there.

Christian: Well, Jesus was making an exception...

Other: You mean, he was advocating sin.

Christian: Uh, yeah, sort of, although I wouldn't put it that way. Eating Christ's flesh and blood is ok, but not the animals.

Other: Is that so? Can you find me a place in the gospels where any of the disciples actually munched on his flesh or drank his blood? They had the perfect opportunity to do so right after taking him off the cross and going to bury him.

Christian: It doesn't say anywhere that they did. But it's like...just spiritual and stuff.

Other: Do you think God would approve of human cannabalism and vampirism?

Christian: Uh, no.

Other: Whatever way you'd put it - sin is sin. Eating flesh with the lifeblood in it, or just drinking the lifeblood is Sin. And if you believe you are consuming either, you are willingly participating in sin. What's more, the 'savior' who said to do it cannot be sinless, as he was the one that suggested it in the first place!! Your faith is in vain.

Christian: But...Jesus said his flesh was REAL food and his blood REAL drink!

Other: Can't be so if Christ taught lawlessness. You believe it though, so YOUR Christ is a lawless one. An anti-Christ by your own interpretation of his words.

Other: Let me ask you something else. Jesus said he is the Manna from heaven. Do you believe that?

Christian: Er, yeah...but it's metaphorical...

Other: Look, you doubleminded person - it's obvious to anyone with a brain that you will treat whatever text as literal or metaphorical based solely on whether it fits your already preconceived ideas and habits in life. Your intellectual dishonesty is what makes people like me look at people like you and think "if this is Christianity, it sure seems like a sure fire way to do a major head job on myself. No thank you!"