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    Christian Advice Requested - Thread: I have been questioning my faith lately

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      Quote Originally Posted by MennoSota View Post
      Let me get this straight.
      You question the validity of Christianity because you don't agree with the Bible. You then mention 3 areas where you disagree.
      1) Sexual abstinence before marriage.
      2) Same-sex sexual abstinence
      3) Age of the earth, declared by some Christians.
      Is that correct?
      2 Timothy 3:16 says:
      "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong with our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right."
      It seems to me that you are struggling with whether God is your Sovereign Lord or whether you just want God as a consultant while you rule your own life.
      My question to you is: Who will do a better job ruling your life?
      God will not change what He declares in the Bible. If you cannot submit yourself under God's ordinances and will, then you know that you have been faking faith and you have never been under God's guidance. If you can accept God's word as authoritative and submit yourself under His teaching, it is possible you are reconciled with God.
      The decision really is whether God will rule every area of your life and conform you to His image or whether you will be in rebellion to God and thus claim to be your own Lord. That is strictly between you and God.
      I will pray that you will be kept under the Lordship of God and that God will conform your will and opinions to be in alignment with His.
      God is not going to change His rule to accommodate your opinion, so either get in line (repent) or rebel. If God has saved you, I know which path you will follow.
      You can't go wrong with God basically
      I love that, let his grace guide you and teach you and abide in you and you will be following the narrow straight in Gods merciful love.

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      Quote Originally Posted by tango View Post
      There are all sorts of theories about the origins of the earth that result in a wide range of ages of the earth, that all ultimately begin with "In the beginning God created..." It's not strictly necessary to believe that you can add up the ages of everybody in the Bible and calculate the time the first wriggling things wriggled in the sea.

      If you look at the dietary requirements imposed on the Jews it seems largely arbitrary but actually makes a lot of sense. In a time when the Jews didn't have modern day refrigeration it makes sense to avoid pork, shrimp etc. Even today many people choose to abstain from such things for health reasons, if not for reasons of keeping kosher.

      In the same way it makes sense to restrict sexual activity to within marriage. Sure, it's arguably more fun from a secular perspective to not get caught up in all that fuddy-duddy nonsense from a bygone age but the statistics on the prevalence of STDs shows one immediate reason why sex with one partner for life makes a lot of sense. Likewise you just have to look at the level of social decay associated with areas where fathers are nowhere to be seen (particularly in the case of young boys who need an adult male role model and, in the absence of a father, often end up looking in all sorts of inappropriate places for a role model to follow) to see how the breakdown of the family - both children born out of wedlock and the depressing statistics for marital breakdown where one or both spouses puts themselves before their spouse - to see another good reason for sex being reserved for marriage.

      Arguably homosexual activity, at least within a monogamous relationship, is harder to justify prohibiting even from a secular perspective. The more sexually promiscuous among the homosexual community, who may go through 50-100 partners in the space of a month, naturally face the same risks associated with casual sex as their heterosexual counterparts (although with the obvious omission of the chance of pregnancy), although if a gay couple is in a long term committed relationship then arguably their risks of STDs are minimal and their chances of unwanted pregnancies are zero. That said, much depends on whether we look at God's rules as being created because God is some kind of cosmic killjoy who wants to make sure we don't have too much fun, or because God wants the best for us and knows that certain types of activity might seem acceptable now but have longer term consequences that are bad for us.


      Yup, these are all issues we'd be GLAD to DISCUSS ... all within the framework of ALL of us being Christians....

      There will be different views here (CH is a diverse community), there will be passionate opinions here (happens a lot), but the discussion just might be helpful.
      We are justified by works - just not our own.

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      Quote Originally Posted by austinhirsch1999 View Post
      As of lately I have been questioning the validity of Christianity lately. I do accept Jesus as my lord and savior, however I donít agree with the Bible on all things. Like premarital abstinence and gay relationships or how the earth has existed for only 6,000 years.

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      As others have already stated here, the things which you are having questions about are viewed in many ways by different Christians. Like you, I would disagree with the conservative interpretations of the Bible regarding the issues that you mention. However, that doesn't mean that you (or I) disagree with the Bible per se about them. It is good to question things.


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