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    Prayer & Christian Devotion - Thread: More testing

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      Forty years ago when Jesus came for me in the rural wooded country where we live, I was having severe chest pains. I had a small hobby sawmill there where I cut lumber from the logs I felled and skidded on our place. It was very hard work and a welcome change from my office type profession. I sat on a log one day with my heart just throbbing with pain. I hadn't been a Christian too long and had only been baptized in the Holy Spirit for just a little less time and still had many questions regarding healing. I still have many.

      At work I was talking to a friend one day at lunch whole we were outside. As we spoke a fierce pain shot through my heart that staggered me so as to step backwards and I drew my left arm against my chest. My friend exclaimed "well Frank"!

      I would lie in bed at night in the wee hours and with my heart aching. The Devil's voice, and at that time I didn't know it was his, would say "you're going to die. You'll never see your children and will leave your wife a young widow". I was very afraid and can remember well the cold sweat that formed over my body and even the palms of my hands were wet. I didn't tell my wife and wanted her to be hidden from fears. The spirit of fear holds great sway until you learn, are taught to rebuke him and that you've overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and anointing of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know any of that yet so suffered spiritual as well as physical pain. Don't be fooled, fear is a spirit.

      Yet in the midst of this I never considered going to a doctor. I'm no superman and we have a fine Christian doctor but it seemed I should not go. This went on for some while. The church we were attending was a spirit filled, anointed place of worship and believed God for everything. One Sunday night we had a guest evangelist who also moved in prophecy and healing gifts. As he ministered he said "there are two men here who are having heart issues. One is an older man, the other younger. The spirit of the Lord is here to heal and if you'll step out in faith and come forward for prayer you will be healed".

      I got up and an older church friend did also and we went to the altar. The minister and elders anointed us with oil and prayed. There was no lightning or any evidence, only God's word and faith in us all. The next day at work as I climbed some stairs a terrible pain shot through my chest and the devil said "you're going to die"! Instead of fearing I began to run up those stairs and at the top I told him "devil, you have no power over me. If you ca it get past the blood of Jesus, the word of God and anointing of the Holy Spirit then you have my permission to kill me"! He had no reply. If we believe we will act on what we really believe, this is faith.

      Since that Sunday in 1977 I have often had many chest pains. Out hunting in the forests my heart would begin to hurt and I would lean my rife against a tree and get on my knees and pray. I'd ask the Lord to take away those symptoms. I would say "Lord you've not sent me word that there was a time limit on my healing or that it has been revoked". After awhile the pin would leave and I'd continue on.

      I've had to pray many times since then but I still continue to thank Him for healing me. What is faith? Faith is acting on what you really believe. Thanksgiving is not once a year but every day, or should be. If not for His healing word I would be long gone.

      Because of His care for me I did get to see the children He sent. I have seen days and weeks and years with my dearest wife of fifty years. The smallest good thing in your life is worthy of shouting hallelujah because most people upon this earth do not have any good things at all.

      A song was heard coming from a shack in a sad place of abject poverty in another country. Corrie Ten Boom heard wafting through the air by one of the wretchedly poor the words sung "where Jesus is tis' heaven.

      Thanksgiving is not a day its a way of life. Consider, are you truly thankful?

      Psalm 100:4-5 KJVS
      Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. [5] For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

      Though I've never been an advocate of denominations seeing as how Jesus saved me outside of them, I care for those of every church. I pray that you're totally whole. Mainly my dear, don't fear. There are plenty of chances to fear just turn them all down.

      All will be well.
      The wisest men STILL seek Him

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      Thank you for sharing your experience. The apostle Luke was a physician so I know that God works through men as well to heal and I'm trusting that those who are caring for me are being guided by God according to His will.
      "Christianity does not require more work but more trust." Pr. Jonathan Fisk
      "Bearing fruit does not make you a branch. A branch is a branch because it grows from the vine." Pr. Jonathan Fisk


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