Flaming is defined as a hostile online interaction that involves insults or simply stated a flame attacks someone verbally.[/B]

At Christianity Haven we have the following in our RULES:
Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.
This is a Christian site and members are expected to act with respect toward others.
Flaming or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

It can be very tempting to take a jab at someone online you cannot see and probably will never see face to face. Sometimes we have a manner of speaking that we are not aware that it doesn't come through in the same way when online as in person.

Here are examples, taken from posts here at CH but changed a bit, to show what NOT to say (in red) and then suggestions (in blue) on how to avoid the posts from being a flame.

Example 1
You do not know enough of the bible to comprehend it but that is because you have not yet been born again of the Spirit.

The above is a flame because it suggests 1) that the person being spoken to is ignorant and 2) that the person is not a true Christian. There is no suggestion to offer as a replacement since the entire post is aimed to slam the other person.

Example 2
And that's another post over his head!
The above is a flame because it implies that the member cannot comprehend and is condescending. There is no suggestion except to not disrespect others like this, for it adds nothing to the conversation.

Example 3
If you knew how to use words better then the rest of us would understand you, but you choose to go the path like the rest of your group and just make things up.

The above example is a flame because it implies the member is stupid and then also flames the group that the person belongs to and continues the flame by stating the member makes things up. A suggestion for responding could be, "I'm not sure I understand your point. Could you elaborate more and perhaps back it up with scripture (or data)?"

Example 4
I know my rights. I shouldn't be censored by a bunch of communist fascists who want to control my thoughts.

The above example is a flame because it is calling names but also this type of post doesn't add to the conversation and any issues with staff members should be taken to the Member Admin Center. The suggestion for this is to not publicly mouth off but stick to the topic. Complaints about the site or staff should always be done in the Member Admin Center where staff and the owner will listen and try to work through issues.

Not all flames are done in open threads. Some are done through the Reputation system and Visitor's Messages and are still open to staff action.

Ideas and opinions can be refuted in the threads but personal, insulting comments directed at members should be avoided because that simply adds no benefit to the threads.