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And then GAP is handy. I rather have they believe that or evolution creation if that way they can get to know Him. Some people who have been to university don't buy Ken Ham. And if its 6000 years God can show em later.
Hunh? I'm not getting this response to my post.
How is Gap HANDY?
I was saying it really only serves up confusion or doubt about the veracity of God's Word.
If things written regarding Origins are uncertain or unreliable, then ppl may wonder why they should believe other parts as well.
Better, imo, to just stick to the truth of what is written, than try to bring in theories and speculations about the creation.
Like you said, it's not really a salvation issue, so we should stick w the gospel and help em get saved first ... Then they have an eternity to work out their beliefs about Origins.
(Well, at least, until the new creation, lol)