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  1. Lämmchen

    Civil unrest.. my two cents

    Ha I just posted in the Off Topic forum about wanting to buy a gun. I think more and more people will be doing so.
  2. Lämmchen

    Need a gun

    Yep, it's gotten to the point where I think I need a gun here at the house if this violence within the US continues. Even though I live in the country and feel relatively safe, it takes the police longer to reach us as opposed to where I used to live and I don't trust my neighbors to protect me...
  3. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Trying a different allergy medicine today since my husband is home in case I have an allergic allergy meds. My body is weird.
  4. Lämmchen

    Fries or Chips?

    I like crispy french fries but not the thick cut kind. I'm not a huge potato chip eater.
  5. Lämmchen

    Civil unrest.. my two cents

    I think other cities are showing similar stats. As tango suggested, it could be that the outsiders are very good at riling people up which coincides with what I initially said about people being followers. They're quick to jump on the bandwagon if they see others doing it too.
  6. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Another sneezy morning.
  7. Lämmchen

    SpaceX Rocket

    Did anyone watch the SpaceX rocket that carried two astronauts up to the ISS yesterday? It was exciting and I'm glad it went well without a hitch.
  8. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Watching the news of the riots from last night.
  9. Lämmchen

    Civil unrest.. my two cents

    Some cities start out peaceful. That's good. But then the news is reporting that outside instigators are joining in and causing the violence and crime. That's the problem.
  10. Lämmchen

    Civil unrest.. my two cents

    People tend to follow others. It started off as peaceful protests and then turned into something more violent after someone decided to take it to that level. People followed. I'm sure not everyone went that path but it was easy for them to get caught up in the emotions at the moment and...
  11. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Waking up
  12. Lämmchen

    Do you wear a mask?

    I wear them when I go to a grocery store, hardware store, pick up takeout food or go to medical appointments but other than that no. I won't wear them outside when I'm doing anything because I live in the country. I refuse to wear one when I go to the parks either because I think it's stupid...
  13. Lämmchen

    Your favorite Cocktails?

    I don't drink except once a year when I'm together with a group of lady friends and I tend to lean toward the same drinks you do, Naiwen. I have a sweet tooth and so it's kind of like drinking dessert.
  14. Lämmchen

    Picture on your profile

    @Romanos I think we agreed that Supporting Members could have it as a perk? My memory isn't clear.
  15. Lämmchen

    Happy Belated Birthday JRT

    JRT's birthday was yesterday! Happy Belated Birthday! 🧁
  16. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Sneezing. Stupid allergies.
  17. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Simmering corn on the cob! I got overcharged again at the grocery store for it and didn't get the exact sale price. Second week in a row they've done this to me and the first time I thought I was mistaken at reading the ad and this time I forgot to check until I got home since I was busy bagging...
  18. Lämmchen

    the Son can do nothing of HImself

    This part is what stands out to me that Jesus is God "making himself equal with God."
  19. Lämmchen

    How do you like your Popcorn?

    Unless you're at the in-laws' and they force you or guilt you :D
  20. Lämmchen

    So... What are YOU doing? - Part 8

    Getting groceries before it gets hot outside. There is an ice cream coupon so if I decide to buy some I hope it doesn't melt on the way home. I used to have a bag that kept things cool but it wasn't very large and the zipper broke.
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