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What is the Community Team?

The Community Team is the Administrative team of Christianity Haven. These individuals handle the day to day aspects of running the forum.

What is an Executive Administrator?

The Executive Administrator is the founding member of CH, and owns the domain name, the licensing for the forum software and paid add-on products, and is responsible for hosting/server costs. While feedback and effort is utilized from other staff members and members of the community at large, the Executive Administrator ultimately has the final say in all decisions regarding site matters. The Executive Administrator for CH is Romanos. The two administrative ranks comprise the Community Team.

What is an Administrator?

The Administrator works closely with the Executive Administrator in managing all aspects of running the site. The two administrative ranks are ultimately responsible for the direction and goals of the site, staff management/promotion, forum organization, awards, contests, and deciding what features to add which the community will find useful. The two administrative ranks comprise the Community Team.

What is a Moderator?

The members of the Moderator share the responsibility of carrying out the day to day moderating duties with the Senior Moderator, with the exception of formal warnings and infractions. However, the less formal aspects of rules enforcement is done by the Moderators, such as PM advisories that go along with first and second offenses, maintaining information regarding such PMs, and posting staff notices to get threads back on topic. The Moderators along with the Senior Moderator comprise the Moderation Team.

What is a Valued Contributor?

The Valued Contributor title is given to certain Retired Staff Members who have contributed in considerable ways. This title is given by Community Team designation.

What is a Supporting Member?

The Supporting Member title is primarily given to members who have supported Christianity Haven financially by purchasing a paid subscription. This designation may also be given out to members through contests, other events, and at Community Team designation.

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